Friday, 25 February 2011

NOTD: Mellow/Crazy!

Hello buttercups :)

I have a bit of a different NOTD for you today! Courtesy of Leanne, I was able to try a Claire's Mood Polish! Unfortunately these aren't available in the UK so I jumped at the chance of getting to try this out.

I think the name 'mood polish' is a bit misleading. These aren't like those retro 90's mood rings we all sported as kids (don't tell me I was the only one!) which supposedly changed according to whatever mood you were in. Claire's mood polishes change depending on whether your nail bed is hot or cold.

...Freshly painted nails

And the polish in action..

Purple when cold and pink when hot. Kinda cool but a bit gimmicky. It was amusing at first, but I found the polish to be pretty sheer and not really my thing. And it was all glittery and a pain to remove haha.

Have you tried Claire's Mood Polishes?

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  1. Wicked these look like fun! I will have a look next time im in town. x

  2. I love the whole idea of mood changing nail varnish, but I agree with you that this is misleading. It would be cool if it could change to any colour, but we'll just have to seen what they come up with in the future!

    Sian xx

  3. The pink shade looks nice...I have the green, teal and pink I receive in a swap. They're not bad, just take quite a few layers. My friend took great delight in running my hand under the hot and cold taps!

  4. Man i totally miss my mood ring and the green mark of honour it left around my index finger. Sigh. I feel so much less connected to my emtions without it...!!

    Cute idea but not sure how much they'll catch on. The purple shade is nice :)

    Jo xoxo

  5. Oh man, mood rings!

    This is such an awesome idea for a Nail Polish, would more impressed if it was like mood rings!

  6. Sherrie - We don't have the mood polishes in the UK xxx

    Sian - We sure will :) xxx

    Lily - Yeah I found that too. Haha me too! xxx

    Jo - Haha omg me too! Thanks xxx

    Laura - Retro right? Same here! xxx

  7. Gimmicky, maybe.
    Do I still want it? Yes.

  8. Hehe it is kind of cool :) xxx