Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day Twenty Eight: My year in detail

Hiya :)

Ah we're nearing the end of the tag! Day 28 requires me to tell you about my year. Am I the only one that immediately thought to start from January? When in reality the last 365 days started last August haha. What a div. Anywho, without further ado...

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August 2009
Ok, so last August I was looking forward to my last year at university
Saw Jimmy Carr live in good old SkegVegas ;)
September 2009
My baby cousin was christened
Saw Michael McIntyre live in Nottingham
Moved back to halls of residence
Commenced my third and final year of my degree
October 2009
Decided that the LPC wasn't for me. At least not for 2010/2011
Visited Birmingham Bullring for the first time ever
November 2009
Turned 21
December 2009
Got buried in essays :(
January 2010
Saw Billy Connolly live in London :D
Went to a Law Society Cocktail Party
Got back into the swing of uni
February 2010
Tried my hand at Konad for the first time
March 2010
Had my last ever lectures!!
April 2010
Revision central :(
May 2010
Celebrated the end of exams!
June 2010
Went to my last Keele Summer Party as a student!
July 2010
Had a mini break in London town :D

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  1. haha i've got to do this in a couple of weeks and i'm never going to remember anything! I think i'll end up starting for January to make it easier ;)

  2. I'm surprised I remembered this much, I have a brain like a sieve! Haha good plan :D xx