Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Military Nails

Hello cupcakes :)

As soon as I opened my MAC package on Friday, I couldn't wait to use Military polish from the Alice + Olivia collection.

It's a matte black with silver shimmer. Yes, I have FINALLY arrived to the matte party. Albeit a year late. I'm just too cool. Obviously.

I like the packaging :)

Two coats

I love it :D

Then I tried to jazz it up with leopard print
Everywhere had sold out of gold polish for some reason?! So I opted for bronze as I was too impatient to wait to go into town the next day.

I'm not keen. This didn't even stay on for 24 hours. Nail fail. But on the bright side, my Mum liked it.

Have you bought anything from the Alice + Olivia collection?

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  1. I haven't bought anything from their collection but I may have to now - love the polish!! :) I like the bronze leopard print too xx

  2. It's really gorgeous :) Thanks xx

  3. It looks lovely, pity it didnt stay put. How do you do the leopard print?

  4. Thanks. That's only because I took it off :) I used a variation of my leopard print tutorial that you can find here:


  5. wow, the leapord print looks awesome, blue with the black would look amazing! xxx

  6. Thanks :) Oo good idea! xxx

  7. I like the bronze!! Do you know I didn't even look at Alice + Olivia as I've never tried a MAC polish I liked but this looks so nice!!!! xx

  8. Thanks Nic :) It's uber purdy :D xx