Sunday, 1 August 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello petals :)

Deary me, I'm a day late doing this. Everything has been so hectic since coming home from London! I hope you've all had a fab week!

* Going to Harrods. OH. EM. GEE. WOW.
* Seeing Rhod Gilbert in the aforementioned store.
* Mastering the art of catching the tube
* The Absolut Ice Bar & Below Zero Restaurant in London
* Sexy Cedric ;)
* Getting lots of compliments on my nails
* Buskers

* Having to come home from London
* Pushy sales assistants
* Annoying people who have conversations in the middle of the street/tube platform/entrance to the tube etc etc - move out of the way you fools
* Incredibly tired, aching feet every day we were in London - I swear we walked the equivalent of the London marathon every day!

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