Friday, 27 August 2010

Models Own Purchase #

Hello lovelies :)

If you hadn't heard about the Models Own half price sale, you must have been living under a rock - no rock hermits? Good stuff. I decided to have a nosey and I picked up a rather modest 2 polishes and 2 lip balms. Or so I thought until my order arrived...

Behold the 2 polishes and 2 erm lipglosses?

See - I ordered lip balms:

Upon further investigation, I realised that lip balm and gloss shades are the same. An easy mistake to make and they are insanely busy with the sale. I emailed them to let them know and they've popped the two lip balms in the post :)
EDIT: Received the replacement balms this morning - one in the correct shade, one in the incorrect shade *sigh*

Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the shipping! I ordered on Saturday night after I finally managed to get on to the website and place an order. This arrived first thing Tuesday morning!! Kudos to the staff for being so brilliant!! They all deserve a cocktail or three!!

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  1. What fab customer service! Really like the look of purple grey. Pretty please do a post wearing it? x

  2. Purple grey looks like it could be amazing!

    I've not yet managed to get the website to work for me, had this same trouble with the world cup offer too...


  3. lenny - Not bad at all. Received the replacement balms today... in the wrong shade lol... I sure will do a post of purple grey :) xx

    Rachel - I know right :D Hope it is! Aww hope you get on it! xx