Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day Twenty Six: My week in detail

Hello petals :)

Finally, I have uploaded all of my photos from London, so this is a perfect time for Day 26 of the 30 Days tag, which is to tell you about my week in detail!!

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Tuesday 27th July
Ruth came over to do some last minute London planning
I packed for the trip

Wednesday 28th July
Ruth picked me up and had to go pick up her train tickets cos she'd left them at home haha
Maccy D's brekkie en route to Grantham station
Caught our train
Arrived in London town and went to check in
Headed to South Kensington to the Natural History Museum

Trekked through Kensington & Chelsea in a bid to find Sainsburys. Saw the Royal Albert Hall. Ended up in Tesco. Haha. The Krispy Kreme stand made everything better :D

Had lunch in Hyde Park

This was nommy :D

Went to Knightsbridge - first and only stop was Harrods. Oh em geeeeeee. Wow. I want to go back. And we saw Rhod Gilbert in menswear!!

Headed to the o2, intending to make use of Orange Wednesdays. Only Rod Stewart ruined our night out :(

A quick google had us heading to Canary Wharf where we found some lovely shops, sexy bankers and finally Nandos for tea.

Back to the hotel, crashed in bed and watched The Wedding Date. Bliss.

Thursday 29th July
Woke up at stupid o' clock - no, really - 6:52am. Why? I have no idea.
Watched GMTV. Eurgh.
Got ready, found Maccy D's for brekkie at Waterloo.
Headed to the Science Museum

Lunch in Hyde Park again
Went to Regent Street/Oxford Street shopping
Saw Harry Potter in Hamleys

Headed back to our hotel to get ready for our night out at the Absolut Ice Bar & Below Zero Restaurant!

Had an AMAZING night
Incredibly tired, and a little tipsy, we called it a night

Friday 30th July
Packed, checked out and found brekkie
Went to Westminster for some obligatory photo taking

Headed up to where I thought Westfields was. Major error. We needed to be the other end of London. Fail.
Found Westfields, had a nosey round.
Went back to Knightsbridge for lunch and popped into the Harrods gift shop
Tired, we headed to King's Cross and went to Starbucks
Caught the train home.
Had a sneaky Chinese

The Weekend, Monday & Today
Really, I'll spare you. It's been incredibly boring and this post has been long enough ;P

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  1. Aw, I love London, sounds like you had a great time hun! xxx

  2. It was soooo good :D I need to go back uber soon to do the bits I didn't get to see :) xxx

  3. Woooo :) The Natural History museum is awesome, what a busy week haha xx

  4. I've been a busy bee :D xx

  5. Yay at least I'm not the only one that takes pics of lego characters in Hamleys.

    I have a photo of lego Buzz Lightyear !

    Sounds like your trip was a lot of fun :)

    Rachelle Xxx

  6. Hahaha!! It was awesome :D xxx