Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sallys Haul

Hello crumpets

The incredibly naughty Bicky alerted me to the fact that Sally's were having a VAT free day on Monday. Thinking I might bag a bargain or two, I was all ready to plan a trip to my local store. But oh no, they weren't having VAT free day here. Tsk. So I had to resort to ordering online and only getting a couple of items I wanted as they don't stock their full range online. Fantastic...

Anyway, my order was made and I was surprised that it arrived yesterday morning. I opened the excessively large DHL bag (stupid considering I ordered 5 small items...) and was greeted by the stench of nail polish. Uh oh. Upon further inspection, I found that there was nail polish on the inside of the bag. It turns out one of my polishes had leaked. Brilliant. They weren't even bubble wrapped, just sling in the bag. Then I found one of the polishes I had ordered had not been delivered because it was out of stock. Pray tell, why this was not listed as out of stock on the website?

So, here are the items that I ordered. Apologies for the stock images, my camera battery is as dead as a dodo.

China Glaze - Coconut Kiss
China Glaze Coconut Kiss (ordered, still waiting for delivery)

China Glaze Ruby Pumps (leaked)

China Glaze - Fairy Dust
China Glaze Fairy Dust

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

I also got a sachet of Bubble White which claims to whiten nails.

Sally's is great for quick shipping - I should hope so too at the price they charged me (£4.64?!) - but I think I'll be choosing to go to the store next time. That way I will get what I want and it will get home in one piece.

When Coconut Kiss arrives, I'll do some swatches :)

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  1. Coconut Kiss is gorgeous =] best purple ever.

  2. I still find it cheaper to buy China Glaze from ebay and get it shipped from the US. If a company (Barielle!) doesn't bubble-wrap their polish I always give them feedback because it's just plain WRONG.

  3. Janna - Oo yay! I hope mine hurries up and arrives :D xx

    Jaljen - Yeah I forgot about Sally's P&P *sigh* Barielle don't bubblewrap? That's insane! xx

  4. I really want 'fairydust' :)

    I have tagged you in the sweet friends/blog and tag award :)


  5. It looks lovely! I'll swatch it next week :) Thank you!! xx

  6. I did no such thing ... I have all of these bar the top coat. And Fairy Dust over plain nails ... Even Seche Base is a NO. Apply it over polish or you will die taking it off.

    PS Idk why it does it with yours but whenever I leave you a comment I have to resign in everytime. But it's fine with everyone else/ :/

  7. Haha ;P Oo ok thanks for the heads up! I didn't get any of the Seche stuff - heard mixed reviews so probably won't bother. Ooer, that's happened to me on every blog I've commented on today :S Oddness! xx