Saturday, 28 August 2010

^ Loving & Loathing :(

Hiya :)

This week has gone so fast. Can't believe it's September in a few days!

* China Glaze Ruby Pumps
* China Glaze Coconut Kiss
* Selling things on eBay and Amazon
* Helpful Boots staff
* Customer service
* A shopping trip to Nottingham
* Finding out my job application actually submitted. Phew!
* Getting over 300 followers. I might have a surprise lined up ;) Or then again I could be pulling your leg. Haha ;P

* Tension
* A misbehaving cat
* Customer service not taking any notice of me
* People using my stuff and not replacing it
* My lazy, inconsiderate sister
* Prices in WHSmith - give us a break?!

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  1. whsmith are RIDICULOUS. 79p for a chocolate bar i can buy from a corner shop for 50! the only time i go in there now is for magazines, at least they can't mark up the price on those! xx

  2. haha whsmith is so expensive right? x

  3. Laura :D Aww bless, I've missed yours too! I hope you're well :) xx

    Sophie - Haha I know right? It's so ridiculous! I bought a diary and it was £9.49. Rip off central?! Haha yeah same xx

    Onna - Sure is! xx

  4. love the 'prices in w h smith' i bought hardly ANYTHING and the total was £75 argggg


    xoxo stay fabulous

  5. Omg that's awful! I don't shop in there unless I really have to xx