Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Review: Lush Minty Julips

Hello pumpkins :)

I'd been lusting or 'lushting' (haha see what I did there!) over this for a while but hadn't been able to get it as it was so popular it was always sold out! Whilst I was in London, I spied a Lush store at Westfield White City, so in I wandered, and voila, this was on the counter. Perfick. I snapped it up and finally all was right with the world again. Now, this is the first and last Lush review that you'll see on my blog, as typically I don't like reading them (erm sorry but a bubblebar is a bubblebar is a bubblebar - they look odd, smell gorgeous and make your bath smell nice. I get it.) so I'll quit being a hypocrite after this post ok ;P I just had to rave about this, just in case you'd been living under a rock and not heard about it!


Lush say: When you use Mint Julips, you'll find yourself craving a bowl of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. It's made with refreshing peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and jojoba oil to moisturise. Vegetable oils are favourable alternatives to petroleum-derived lubricants due to their emollient property and biodegradability. Jojoba oil is light and very softening, and the castor sugar is a fine exfoliant that scrubs without being too abrasive. Minty Julips is suitable for vegans. Lush do not test on animals.

I say: When I was at uni, I popped into my local Lush store, where the lovely SA told me that Minty Julips smelled just like After Eight mints. She showed me the tester, so I took a sniff, and she's completely right! Then to my amazement, she told me that all of the lip scrubs are edible as they are essentially just flavoured sugar. Wow! When I finally got my hands on this, it was just at the right time, as for some reason, my lips had little dry patches on them. I tried this and voila - perfect lips! And it tasted pretty nice too ;)


Lush say: Minty sugar scrub for a softer pout. Rub a little gently into your lips to scrub them smooth and soft. These are perfect for scrubbing and moisturising your lips before you put your lipstick on. 

I say: I applied a little of the scrub to both of my lips, then rubbed them together for a few minutes. Then of course proceeded to lick it off haha. Shh it tastes gorgeous! To my utter amazement, my lips were soft and smooth once more. Need I say more?!

Price: £4.50
Size: 25ml
Available from: Lush

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Repurchase: Yes

Have you tried any of the Lush lip scrubs? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I'm addicted to Lush :D not tried the lip scrubs but did sniff the pink one and it smelt of candy fluff. I wasnt sure if there would be much point in it, are your lips often a bit dry? Or do they not have to be to benefit from this?

  2. It seems lots of people are! I think the pink one is bubblegum, not my cup of tea. I thought the same actually, and was pleasantly surprised that it really worked. They do tend to go a bit dry every now again but I used this a few days after buying it and I've not had to use it since, so I'd definitely recommend it! Oh and a good lip balm :) xx

  3. Great review! I've tried it before but i've not bought it. I think I will soon though xx

  4. Thanks :) I'd recommend it xx