Sunday, 3 July 2011

Things I learned in June 2011

Hello possums :)

Time for another installation of the trivial things I learned in June!
01. I seriously need to get away from my job and my town. Far, far away.

02. Peach blush is by far my favourite colour on me.

03. I am getting addicted to crosswords.

04. My music collection is actually pretty good. And now much improved thanks to the Boots Advantage Card Points & iTunes collaboration on Treat Street.

05. I am a tinted moisturiser convert. Much love for the Witch Tinted Moisturiser. Not so much love for the too dark sample of Clinique's Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser - hello Oompa Loompa territory. I also discovered I own 34 lipsticks.

06. I cannot stand that Jesse St. James idiot in Glee.

07. I want a cat. The other Kim at work named hers Kit Kat. If I have a cat, I'm going to call it Top Cat. Incidentally, does anyone remember that show? Oh and I actually heart Rihanna more than I thought I did. And I'll never get over how gorgeous China Glaze Ruby Pumps is. Oh and make that 35 lipsticks. Oops. But that No 7 voucher had to be spent, right?


08. Vichy Dermablend, whilst covering all manor of imperfections, is not for me.

09. Glamour mag sells out real quick around here...

10. I've been feeling unsettled lately and have the urge to get away. Far, far away.

11. Work is always more fun with friends

12. I'm glad I no longer live with my sister. She drives me crazy!

13. Bourjois So Laque polish may be shiny and beautiful but it chips like crazy. So much for 7 day wear...

14. I'm going through a maxi dress love phase


15. It's baby central this week. Our family welcomed baby Jack (my newest baby cousin) into the world at 11:13am this morning :D

16. My job is not as secure as I thought it was :/

17. Seeing old friends is just plain awkward.

18. Tesco on a Saturday is not fun. Will avoid at all future costs.

19. I will forever love Milkybar buttons

20. I <3 London. And Illamasqua.

21. There's more than 1 girl smurf?!

22. A woman cannot be trusted to drive a Lexus apparently. I'd challenge the chauvinistic pig that said that any day! And prove him wrong :D

23. I can do winged eyeliner a la Kate Moss.

24. Fraudsters are too funny

25. I'm back on the crack(le) bandwagon. By this I of course mean in terms of nail polish. Nothing but an angel, me.

26. Babies and small children make me very broody!

27. Cheap polishes may be purse friendly, but the longevity is quite frankly pants.

28. Ah days off = blogging central

29. I had no idea I could take holiday and get paid for it. Win.

30. The Ikea sale was not very impressive.

Tell me, what have you learned this month?

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  1. Great post, I'm a bit in love with tinted moisturiser too! Next on my list to try is You Rebel. Hope you're feeling ok, I'm sure you'll make the right decisions :) xxx

  2. Ikea sale is never impressive! And completely agree about cheap polishes

  3. Ellie - Thanks :) I want to try You Rebel too. I am thanks xxx

    The Make-Up Fairy - Oh haha, I think I got sucked in to the 75% email lol. They're great aren't they? xxx

  4. I've learnt that I have a higher alcohol tolerance than I thought. Winnnn.

  5. That's always a good lesson :) xxx