Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My Meadowhaul


Please excuse the pun title ;)

I popped to Meadowhall recently as I'd decided to treat myself. Luckily for me when I arrived it was sale central! I picked up a few bargains as well as a few impulse buys and also bought some cosmetics that I'd been meaning to try for ages.


I know I'm a bit late to the party with most of these, but I had a look at the Topshop make up and came away with two of their cream blushes in Neon Rose and Flush, and the famous Show Off lipstick that a lot of bloggers have been raving about. I also finally found Accessorize's Pink Spice nail polish and I also picked up Merged Baked Blusher in Scandal.

I also popped into Debenhams and made a beeline for the MAC counter, so I had a good swatch of some products and I came away with MAC Plink! Lipstick which is a lovely Lustre finish.

Other Stuff

I primarily went into Accessorize to have a good old rummage through their sale. 

I'd been lusting after this blue and white bag for months and I was surprised to see it still in store. On closer inspection I saw it had been marked down from £40 to £17.50. I had to snap it up!

I also saw this beautiful purple bag. I love purple at the moment and when I saw this had been reduced from £28 to £20 I thought I'd nab it as well. I later realised when I left the store that I'd only been charged £14 for it. Win!

I was walking past Evans when I saw a shoe stand outside full of knockdown shoes from a fiver. I saw these beautiful purple shoe boots and wasted no time in trying them on and purchasing. Perfect for my pain in the bum wide feet, and they're so comfy too! I saw the scarf by the till and it was a ridiculously cheap price and as I hadn't found a leopard print scarf that I liked, I also got this too.

Finally, I nipped into New Look as I'm in need of a few more casual tops and I came across this Tee which I couldn't resist. It's me all over right? ;)


L-R: Topshop Show Off, MAC Plink!,  Topshop Neon Rose, Topshop Flush, Accessorize Scandal

I'll be posting an NOTD featuring Pink Spice later this week :)

What've you been hauling lately?

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  1. I have a love affair with my Topshop blushes: Head over Heels especially <3 It's the most gorgeous coral.

    I do love a good haul. I really love that gorgeous purple bag! My day bag actually looks worn out its been used so much! I sense a shop coming on...


  2. You found some amazing buys !! Ill have to get down the shops soon too !! Loved the first handbag :) xx

  3. Hey woman!! I was going to buy that dinosaur t-shirt...well, how rude LMAO :P It really is raawwr-some XP So jealous of the Accessorize bags, I loooove Accessorize bags, they're always so pretty and me wants them aaaaall!!

  4. I picked up Gem of Roses from MAC's latest collection and I love it! Also bought Chanel Rouge Coco in mademoiselle which is gorgeous! :) so into lipsticks at the moment lol xx

  5. can't beat topshop cream blushes :) xxx

  6. Keep seeing the Topshop blushes on blogs and thinking they're great, but never impressed when I see them in person.

  7. I adore {Pink Spice, its pretty magical (I have a pretty crappy Pink Spice NOTD< but even there it looks fab). As is Mermaid- you should also check it out :)
    I want one of those Accessorize gift sets (£5 for three ites :D)

  8. Love the blue and white bag from Accessorize! They always seem to do a good sale.
    I really want to try the Topshop blushes they look really nice!
    Harriet x

  9. Awww I haven't been to Meadowhall in ages :( , I love both of the Topshop blushes, they are so creamy :-)

  10. Wow, thanks for all your comments girlies!

    Rachel - Head Over Heels was out of stock, I really wanted to get that one! Thank you :) Hehe yes! xx

    Hannah - Thanks :) xx

    Kat - Haha hi there! We should both wear it to Girls Day Out ;) Tell me about it, I'd spend all my wages in Accessorize given half the chance! xx

    Kitten - Oo lovely! I've always wanted to try Chanel lippies! Same here, I keep buying them, it's terrible! xx

    Amy - They're interesting for sure :) xx

    Phoebe - Oh really? They're a different formula to the other cream blushes I have so I'll have to see how I get on with them xx

    Zulfiya - Isn't it the most gorgeous polish? Oo thanks for the recommendation, will do! xx

    Harriet - Thank you :) A good sale that never ends up well for the old bank balance haha. You totally should :) xx

    Claire - You should go whilst the sales are on! I've only used the blushes a couple of times, I need to get a good use out of them, then I'll pop a review up :) xx

  11. Well, if you want to see it swatched, head over to my blog, its pretty empty right now :p
    P.S its Nargis, I signed on with my mums name for some reason :s

  12. Shall do :) Oo sorry lovely! xx

  13. http://pinktulipps.blogspot.com/
    Nah, my fault for not signing in first :p

  14. Great Haul!! I love the look of the Topshop lipstick :-)

    I've just sent you an invoice hun for my blog sale items that you requested, sorry its a bit late!!
    x x

  15. Nargis - Hehe I was going to say, where's your blog lol? Shall head over now :) xx

    Jen - Thanks :) It's a beaut! Thanks lovely, not a problem xx

  16. I didnt want to spam your comments field, felt like imposing :p
    Thanks :) Its work in progress though

  17. I've been meaning to try topshop make up for the longest time but I don't fancy ordering online and nowhere near me stocks it but both blushes look so pretty I'm tempted to just order anyway :)
    great haul - everything looks so pretty!! x

  18. Same here, I thought I was the last blogger to try it haha. They are pretty, but they're very similar I think, so I'd just get the one :) Thanks xx

  19. Thanks for your payment hun, will post your goodies asap for you!! :-)
    x x

  20. You're welcome, and thanks very much xx

  21. oh wow! some great buys there. I really want some Topshop blushers too however whenever I swatch them in store, they are always disappear from my hand after an hour making me doubt their longevity :S

  22. Thanks Shifa :) Oo really? Tbh I was scared of putting too much as they're so bright, but I can't say mine looked like I had much on. I need to try using more I think and I'll be reviewing them at some point :) xx