Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday Summary

Morning poppets!

♥ Spending all day blogging. Exciting :D

♥ Seeing my adorable and very tiny baby cousin for the first time! And having fun with my other young cousin who is so, so adorable!

♥ Getting parcels

♥ Finishing books

♥ Annual leave = extra pay - why hello there!

♥ Random trips to Ikea

♥ Pimms o'clock!


Listening to: The Saturdays - Notorious, Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks & Miles Kane - Inhaler
Watching: Mock The Week
Buying: Random Ikea things
Reading: Nothing. I need recommendations please :)

and finally

A few to follow: Lauren, Lucy & Kate Louise

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  1. Lovely post Kim! I LOVE IKEA too! I'm currently saving to buy that gorgeous dressing table with the mirror and two little drawers :)

    Kiddies are so cute! I have a nephew and niece and they're the funniest things ever. Love 'em to death!


  2. Thank you :) Oo the Hermes dressing table? I bought that and absolutely love it :D Aww they are aren't they? I didn't want to leave them lol xxx

  3. I've got the saturdays notorious in my head - I can't stop singing it :)
    & getting parcels always cheers me up - sad I know!! x

  4. I always find it interesting that Marilyn Monroe was often deemed to be this blonde "airhead", but there are so many quotes by her, that show much more depth!

    I need some reading recommendations too, seems like ages since I've read a good book :-/

  5. Radiant.MakeUp - Hehe same! xxx

    Kat - Exactly :) Yeah me too. I need something to keep my entertained during quiet periods at work xxx

  6. ah, thanks for the link :) xxx

  7. Reading recommendations: The Raw Shark text by Stephen Hall is pretty good. Or The Woman He Loved Before by Dorothy Koomson, amazing book!