Thursday, 14 July 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Blue Iguana

Hello lovelies :)

Ok, not gonna lie, this post is totally Charlotte's fault. She makes me want to buy lots. That's two purchases made because of her blog in the last couple of weeks ;) Two genius purchases I will add. Both I and my bank balance forgive her. And my face loves her more.

Blue Iguana is from China Glaze's current Island Escape collection which is limited edition.

Whilst I was doing some research on iguanas, I came across this:

"Iguanas are capable of color changes, but only in specific situations. One of the most obvious color changes in the iguana is when it is taken outside for some real sunlight."

And surprise, surprise, when in direct sunlight, China Glaze Blue Iguana reveals a more greenish tone. In artificial light, it takes on a more purple tone. Fascinating!

Please excuse the crap lighting, but it illustrates my point :)

Products Used

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Base Coat
China Glaze Blue Iguana
Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat

Blue Iguana retails for £6.49 from Sally's

Have you tried any polishes from the Island Escape collection?

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  1. Gorgeous colour,I love that China Glaze always come out with unique colours :-)

  2. I've been thinking of getting this one since it came out but I couldn't find a decent review on it - definately going to be adding this to my wish list :)
    it's so pretty & I love how it changes colour slightly depending on the lighting!! x

  3. Claire - Same here, they're one of my favourite brands xx

    Rachel - I wasn't sure after I read Charlotte/lipglossiping's swatch post but I'm so glad I got it now :) It looks great in different lights xx

  4. Isn't it just lovely? xx

  5. She inspired me to buy Senorita Bonita, after I saw her swatch :D
    The colours in this collection are amazing, I hope the autumn 2011 collection is as good- I saw the promo picture but not the actual swatches

  6. Charlotte always has amazing product photos :D I've seen the Autumn 2011 collection on Temptalia - they're not really my thing xx

  7. I think I like Midtown Magic, but I think it would dupe with few other shades I own. I think I'd stick Island Escape collection (perhaps ChaChaCha) because neither OPI nor CG inspired me with their autumn stuff - not a glass fleck in sight :(

  8. Same here. At least its more money in our pockets :D xx