Sunday, 7 November 2010

Heads Up!

Hello poppets :)

This is just a quick note to say that I'm moving!

More specifically, my blog is moving. After just over a year on Blogger, I've bought my own domain so in a day or so when it's all sorted out, you will be redirected to :D

This is much less of a mouthful to say in social situations than my previous url haha!

This shouldn't affect you in the slightest if you're following me as you'll automatically be redirected to my new domain.

A couple of other things that have changed:

♥ You can now follow my blog via bloglovin and the link to do so is in the left hand column.

♥ I now have a new blog email: which can be used to contact me for any purpose you so desire.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday :)

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  1. wow cool! Is it easy to get your own domain?? xxx

  2. Congrats! Your right it can be a bit of a mouthful saying the blogger address. x

  3. Ashlie - Easy peasy! I ended up going through Blogger to do it and it was pretty much instantaneous :D xxx

    Enigma - Thank you :) It sure can especially with my old url. I clearly didn't think that through lol xx

  4. Through Google it cost me just over £7 for a year :) xx

  5. Yay congrats Kim!! ;) I did this too in September! :) It's much shorter and I think it looks better without the "blogspot" at the end of the link! ;)


  6. Thank you :) It's so much better isn't it? :D xx