Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Sillyness

Afternoon kids :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that in the early hours of Saturday morning, we were blessed with snow :D

This of course brought out my inner child...

This is my sister's classic mini, which she fondly calls 'The Beast'.

Someone else decided to get in on the action too...

Poor old Whisper doesn't like snow! This is her travel method of choice by the way. Piggyback. Poor old Dad haha.

I've been listening to this non-stop all week and I absolutely love it!

If you're a Pink fan, you need this in your life :D

I was playing around with a couple of the items Leanne got me for my birthday and came up with this:

Looks so much better in reality but hey ho. I used 17's Moondust Trio, Collection 2000's Glam Crystal Liner in #3 Funk, Benefit Eye Bright and Eyeko's Magic Mascara. Simple, easy and quick!


Have you been frolicking around in the snow this weekend? Are you a cat owner? What funny antics do your furry felines get up to?

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  1. My cat has not dared to go outside all weekend. We haven't had any snow in Manchester, but it is just sooooooo cold! So he's curled up on a nice warm blanket instead - nice life, ey! :D

    Lovely eye look, btw!


  2. Aww bless! Whisper just darted out and came back in. She much prefers curling up on the sofa. Hehe yes indeed! Thank you xx

  3. My cats arent quite sure what to make of the snow - they were house cats for 6/7 years before we adopted them! Its nice to see a pic of Whisper after seeing her mentioned on Twitter so often! x

  4. I remember my Mum going out to her car one morning to find a penis drawn on my boy toy at the time. That so didn't last!

  5. I've been trying to avoid the snow at all costs! I need that Pink album in my life though! LOVE Pink!

  6. Same, I've not been out in it since late Friday night. Yes you do, it's brilliant :D xxx

  7. My cat used to climb around my neck all the time, then he decided to jump up when he felt like it. Not a good idea when you're attempting to chop onions.

  8. Aww bless! Definitely not! Whisper decided to sit next to a hot pan on our hob earlier, I think she lacks any concept of danger! xxx