Thursday, 4 November 2010

Review: Avon Tiger Eyes Quad

Morning lovelies :)

I've been having a bit of a play with this quad recently and now I have, it's time for a review!


Avon sayLimited edition tiger print eye compact. 4 complementary shades. Silky smooth, intense, long lasting colour.

I say: I love the packaging, it's nice to have something a little bit different as it's easy to spot in my collection. It's quite a sturdy compact with a large mirror in the lid, perfect for on-the-go touch ups. In the quad you get 4 shadows and a standard double-ended foam applicator. I ordered this from a sale brochure a while ago and was drawn to it because it looked fairly neutral. I wasn't disappointed. There's a light highlight shade (top left), a shimmery copper (top right), a mushroom (bottom left), and a cocoa brown (bottom right). They're not the most pigmented shadows I've ever used, but over a primer they're a lot better. 


Avon say: Well nothing, but there is a handy diagram on the back of the box which shows you how to apply the four colours in the quad:

I say: The above diagram essentially is about creating a smoky eye which is fairly easy once practiced a little. On to the application of the shadows, they're not necessarily of the best pigmentation used alone, however with a primer they're a lot stronger. Shade #1 used alone reminds me a little bit of MAC's Brule but with a hint of shimmer. As you can see from the swatches below it looks a little stronger over GOSH eye shadow stick in Beige, which also brings out the shimmer much more. Shade #2 is a lovely shimmery copper. Shade #3 is a mushroomy brown, and shade #4 is a cocoa brown colour. The latter two have a matte finish. Overall a nice quad to have in your collection.

Swatched over a primer

Price: RRP £8.00. I think I paid about £4.00. A different version of this quad is available for £3.00
Size: 4 x 3g eye shadows
Available from: Avon

Product: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: If there's another one with shades I like then yes :)

What do you think of Avon's quads?

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  1. i just got one of the new lace quads, it's pretty good. need to get a review done today

  2. I love this. Wonder if it's still available. And I don't even WEAR eyeshadow.

  3. These colours are lovely, I recently did a post about an Avon palett I bought recently :)

    Laura x

  4. Sarah - Oo they look pretty. Looking forward to your post :) xx

    Jaljen - There's a different version of this online but I bought this from the brochure if that's any help xx

    Laura - They are aren't they? Oo thanks I'll pop over and take a look xx

  5. I love the packaging! If I wore those kind of colours I'd be purchasing!

  6. The packaging is so nice, I love the animal print! The eyeshadows look pretty too! ;)


  7. Laura - Isn't it lush? xx

    Stavroula - It's great isn't it? They are :) xx