Monday, 8 November 2010

The Versatile Blogger

Hello hello!

The lovely Kate over at CinnyLoves recently awarded with with this:

Thank you very much Kate :D

The idea with this tag is that I tell you 7 random facts about myself and award it to another 5 bloggers. I've done quite a few of these tags now, so I hope I don't repeat myself too much. Or waffle on, which I have a tendency to do!

1. I ♥ London

I get caught up in the "Omg it's London" thing allll the time. Ever since spending a lovely 3 days there in the summer really. I love it and would like to go back and do lots more exploring!

2. I'd like to live in the Cotswolds


I think it's one of the most beautiful places in England and I absolutely adore the little quaint villages. Bourton on the Water has to be a firm favourite - there's a miniature village, and it's the home of Brum!!

3. My favourite album is currently Teenage Dream

Cannot stop playing this. It's been on repeat for days.

4. I still live in hope that there is a Mr Darcy for me

Mmm nommy. Yes please. Ahem. He's lovely. And I'll take a Pemberley sized house any day ;)

5. I'm on a nail art quest

I haven't been very experimental with my nail art of late, so I'm on a quest to expand my creative horizons!

6. I really enjoy baking

It's kind of therapeutic I guess. And I love creating different things, it's an outlet of sorts.

7. I really want a vintage inspired house

How beautifully decadent and perfect is this? I love the style and I want my entire house to look like something out of the 1920s.


I award, in no particular order:
May @ MayLovesMakeup
Stavroula @ Drugstore & Bargain Lover
Rosalyn @ Primp and Preen
Ashlie @ x Diamonds and Pearls x

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  1. congrats on the award! well deserve =) xx

  2. aww thankyou so much for the award Kim! :) and I'm with you on Mr Darcy x

  3. Thank you my love! Your Mr Darcy random fact made me 'ahhhhhhhhh' xxx

  4. You're welcome :D Hehe I <3 him! xxx