Tuesday, 2 November 2010

^ Tuesday Treats ^

Hello petals :)

I thought I'd show you my latest batch of baked goods!


These were meant to be red velvet but I forgot the red food colouring in the cake mixture. So these were chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles :)

Chocolate Brownie

These were the lushest brownies ever!

When the brownie had cooled, I cut it up into roughly 1 inch x 1 inch squares and separated them into 4 air tight containers (lunch boxes to be precise haha) and then proceeded to freeze some, and the rest was stored in the fridge as it keeps better and goes nice and fudgey/sticky in the middle.

Om nom nom! Stay tuned for the next installment, I've got all sorts of things planned!

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  1. Kim, I am supposed to be on a diet. STOP DOING THIS TO ME!

  2. That massive brownie slab looks good! I've been banned from baking for the meantime after receiving 3 cakes for my birthday :S

  3. Lily - Thank you :) xx

    Leanne - Haha sorry ;P xx

    Beauty's Bad Habit - Thanks! Aww bless you lol xx

    Laura - Hehe thanks xx

  4. They were just a little bit nommy :D xx