Monday, 26 April 2010

Another spot of shopping

Hiya :)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous here on Saturday - 18 degrees! I of course, took advantage of that, and the fact that my student loan had come in, to stock up on some more bits and bobs that I didn't get last week.

First off, I saw Charlotte's post on the bargainlicious Babyliss Conical Wand being on offer over at I've been lusting after a conical wand for ages, and at just under £23, this was right up my street. So I ordered :D Oh and it's pink! Lush!

So, what did I get in town? Let's have a looksie:


I wanted to pop into Boots as this particular store has a larger Barry M range than the store I went to last week. Odd considering this was a town store, and the other a city centre but hey ho never mind. When I got there I also found that there was yet another Soap & Glory offer on (up to £3 off selected products), so I stocked up on some more items. Here's what I ended up with:

And I got a £5 No 7/Ruby & Millie voucher & a 1/2 price sunglasses voucher! Valid until May 23rd :)

*No flash*



And some swatches:


For some reason, I thought this Superdrug would have the new GOSH eye primers in. I was disappointed. They also didn't have anything else that I wanted either. Fail. Although I did pick up the following:

Velvet Touch Eye Liners in Black Ink (top) and Golden Globe (bottom)

Such a gorgeous colour, and has immense staying power! Bargain at just £5. I didn't take a photo of the black, because, well, everyone knows what colour black is ;P


I don't really know why I popped in here. Oh yes, I was killing time before getting the bus. It worked out well as they had some new storage items in, so I picked up this baby for my make up and nail polish collection:

 This cost me £10.97 :) I can happily report that it holds my entire cosmetics collection! Yay!

These aren't beauty related but I did find these:
How cute lol

Right, I need to stop spending money and get on with this revision malarky. Hmm. Yes. Over and out.
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  1. oooo i think i may have to visit Wikinson for a stash of drawers to put some of my products in to use up i have a huge storage box but its crazy big and a real pain to open hehe

    its always when you need to revise or do an essay that the weather improves thats my lil theory hehe

    that pink conical wand looks terrific i have seen reviews on this and people hauling it :) makes me want it more hehe im so easily shopping enabled

  2. Ohh, lovely haul! Hahaha! I love the highlighters. They are soo cute :D xxx

  3. New GOSH eye primers? Who what where? Englighten me! :)

  4. fab buys! I'm going shopping with birthday money this weekend if I get anything...cant wait!

  5. Jodie - You should, they're quite cheap really. For £15 you can get a 5 deep drawer unit - I was tempted but couldn't carry it back on the bus on my own lol! You're right about the weather - happens every year just to spite us! Ha I'm the same, can't resist a bargain! xxx

    Joanna - Thanks :) Hehe they are! xxx

    Leanne - Yes new primers, but I can't tell you anything about them cos neither of the Superdrugs here had any in stock. *Grumble grumble* They had a tester, and tbf looks exactly the same as the current eye shadow base, just with a different name on it.! xox

    Laura - Thanks! Oo yay I can't wait to see what you got!! xx