Thursday, 29 April 2010

Style Crush: Sophie Dahl

Hi hi everyone :)

One of my favourite things to watch over the past few weeks has been The Delicious Miss Dahl. For those of you that haven't seen it, essentially it's 30 minutes of the gorgeous Sophie Dahl telling us what she cooks when she's in different moods, for example when she's feeling celebratory or melancholic or romantic etc etc. It wasn't just a cookery show though, and we often saw her out and about doing things that we often do when we're in the same sort of mood. If you haven't seen it, I do believe the series is on BBC iPlayer until 9pm on May 4th.

Ok, I'm not here to ramble about the show, I'm here to talk about style, and I want to show you some of the outfits that she wore. Take a look:

I love this dress!! 
It reminds me of the 50's American housewife type style. 

I like how the polka dots are grey rather than white. For some reason I always assumed polka dots on anything are white. I think grey looks even better here :)

I don't know why but I really like this top - it's rather stunning :)

I used to have a top in a similar style to this - can't seem to find them anywhere these days though!

Did you happen to watch The Delicious Miss Dahl? What did you think? Who are your current style crushes?
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  1. i love sophie dahl, she's so effortlessly beautiful! xo

  2. I think she's stunningly beautiful and yes I think her style is wonderful, however, the programme is shocking! Simpering, pretentious, cheesy, cringey and just awful to watch. Miss Dahl is no Nigella. She clearly wishes she was though!

  3. Jennie - I totally agree! xx

    Charlie - I did find it a bit cringey in bits. I think the first half of the series was better than the latter half. There've been a lot of Sophie/Nigella comparisons, but I agree with you, she's not Nigella xx

  4. I will agree with Charlie that Sophie Dahl is no Nigella (who I love) but I couldn't help really liking the delicious miss dahl! I loved the music they used and of course all of her beautiful outfits. Plus I want to live in a house just like the one in the programma (i'm not sure if it's hers or not but it's my dream house!) xxx

  5. I can't stand her lol.
    I find her so pretentious and irritating.
    I do like the recipes, but she just annoys me.

    That is just my opinion though haha!


  6. Nicola - I loved her house, especially her courtyard garden :D I want one! Her kitchen was pretty cool too xxx

    Jessica - Oh dear lol! xx

  7. Haha I like the program, but I do think the whole themed episodes can be slightly cheesy, like having a 'selfish day'. I think the only thing that grates me about the show is that she kind of says 'When I was in New York' a lot. My mum can't stand her but I love cookery shows :) x

  8. Tbf when I'm feeling selfish the last thing I feel like doing is cooking haha! Omg yes she mentioned it like ten times every episode! x

  9. we don't have that program here but if we did i would totally be watching her! she has the most unique and beautiful bone structure i think i've ever seen! :D so beautiful :)

  10. Does anyone have any idea where that blue polka dot dress is from? Or where I could get one that's similar? Thanks :) xx

  11. Sophia - If I find out or see anything similar, I'll let you know :) If you beat me to it, I'd love to know too :) xx