Friday, 23 April 2010


Hello lovelies :)

If any of you were reading my ramblings on Twitter on Sunday, you'll know that I did a polka dot mani. Here's the finished version:

Products used
Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish in Pop Rose (2 coats)
George @ Asda nail polish in Natural White
Dotting tool
Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish in Crystal Clear

This is without a doubt my favourite nail polish in my entire collection - and we all know that I have quite a few. Oh and probably a lot more by the time you read this as a nice wage slip = shopping spree! Fingers crossed, you'll see a few new pastel polish posts soon :)
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  1. Looks so pretty! :) What's the dotting tool?? I need to make my mani's more exciting!

    Love these posts!

    Natalie xx

  2. I love this, your nails look so cute :D xxx

  3. Hey Natalie, thanks :) I bought a set from this eBay seller -

    I think they cost me around £3 or £4 :) xx

    Thanks Becca :) xxx

  4. I hate you and your beautiful nails ha...fancy a trip to scotland to rescue mine please :D xxx

  5. Haha :p I might well be coming up to Scotland at some point. I'll pop in :p As long as there's a cuppa involved :D xox