Monday, 5 April 2010

Review: Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine

Hello :)

After deciding to go on a self imposed nail polish hiatus during April, I bought Avon's Pearl Shine from their Nail Experts range. The plan is to wear no nail polish and to just have natural nails for a month to try and hopefully restore their natural colour. Having worn nail polish for quite a long time, the tips of my nails have taken on a pink tinge to them. So, April 3rd came round, I removed my last mani, buffed and shaped my nails then applied this to give them a natural shine. To see what I thought, read on :)


Image Credit: Avon

What Avon say: Fortifies nails for a healthy, buffed look without polish. Strength and shine in one!

What I say: My nails aren't in need of any fortification as they're pretty strong lately which is good. I agree that it gives a healthy, buffed look. You can't tell that I have anything on my nails which is good. Let me stress that this is not a nail polish. I don't really know what you'd call it to be honest. If you've tried one of those 4 way nail buffers, it's like the shine part but all over your nails. I don't know about you but I can never get the whole of my nail looking shiny with one of those things!


What Avon say: Apply 1-2 coats to nail and allow to dry.

What I say: I think this is great. Unscrew the lid, and you'll find a brush attached to the bottle. Unlike a nail polish. Turn the bottle upside down, give a *very gentle* squeeze and simply brush the product onto your nails. Don't do what I did and give a big squeeze cos you'll just get it everywhere! The formula is quite thin, a lot thinner than polish but slightly thicker than water. I love the brush being attached to the bottle as it helps for real precision application. Pearl Shine doesn't smell too much like a nail polish either which is good news if you can't stand the smell of polishes. All I could smell after application was my gorgeous moisturizer. I applied one coat of Pearl Shine to my nails and it dried instantaneously to leave a natural, buffed look. A total thumbs up from me :)

Price: £6
Size: 12ml
Available from: Your local Avon representative &

Product: 10/10
Price: 7/10
Packaging: 9/10
Overall: 8/10
Repurchase: Maybe (I can see this lasting for a long time)

Have you tried Pearl Shine or any of the other products in the Nail Experts range?
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  1. Hey, I've nominated you for an award over at my blog :) xxx Michelle

  2. I Love your blog! It's the first one I've followed, still getting to grips with this but your blog is great :)


  3. Aww thank you Amy, that's so lovely to hear :) I'm glad you like it! If you need any help drop me a message and I'll be happy to help xox

  4. I was in two minds about trying this but I'm going to pick it up now, sounds like just what I need!


  5. Found you by doing a google search for avon pearl shine!

    I am over the moon with my nails really are much stronger using this product, can't believe how long they have grown in a few weeks.

    Thanks for a lovely review on this product!

  6. Hi :) That's good to hear! I haven't used mine for a bit and my nails are still going strong! Glad you like the review xx