Monday, 12 April 2010

Tag: Like, Love, Hate

Hello petals :)

I've seen this floating around lots of blogs lately, so I've decided to do it as Nicola tagged everyone who hadn't already done it.

The rules
You have to share 12 likes, 1 love, and 8 hates then tag 3 blogs that you admire :)

Here goes!

I like long, lazy, enjoyable Spring afternoons
I like to come across a new blog that I instantly love and will read from start to finish
I like having late night romantic movie marathons
I like reminiscing about the good times

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I like driving in the summer with the windows down and the music turned up loud
I like surprise gifts
I like the smell of fresh bed linen
I like treating myself every now and again

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I like cheese and jam sandwiches 
I like spontaneity
I like the countryside
I like the sound of water fountains

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I love my family and my very closest friends ♥

I hate people that never reply to texts/tweets/comments/emails
I hate rude, inconsiderate people
I hate that people smoke in public... most of the time
I hate seeing switches on plug sockets left switched on with no plug in them

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I hate things being out of place
I hate attention seekers
I hate that festival tickets are always released before I have any substantial amount of money
I hate making plans with people only for them to back out

I honestly can't remember who has and hasn't done this so if you haven't and you fancy doing it, knock yourselves out. Leave me a link below because I'd love to read them :)
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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I think I may do this one :)

    I have tagged you for an award on my blog:


  2. Thanks :) Oo please do I love reading things like this! Thank you for the tag xx