Sunday, 25 April 2010

New nail polish swatches

Hiya :)

I know its Sunday and you were probably expecting a Sunday Selection post. I've decided to do this instead. I've got exams very soon and therefore am in revision mode, so Sunday Selections will take a back seat until May 9th. Hope you don't mind!

I decided to swatch my new nail polishes so I could see what they were like and to show you guys of course :) Here goes!


Each polish had 2 coats

The easiest to apply, possibly surprisingly, was the Primark polish! The other two were a tad streaky I found.

Corals/Sparkle Top Coat

Each polish had 2 coats, except for the Collection 2000 polish

All three Rimmel polishes needed 2 coats. Rose Libertine was a tad streaky. Coralicious and Coral Crush were great to apply.

Pink & A Possible Dupe?

Each polish had 2 coats

I mentioned in my haul post that I thought Shocker was a possible dupe for Nails Inc China Town - it looks like I was right! Shocker is more shimmery and a little more sheer, but overall, why pay £12 for a polish when you can get a close enough dupe for a quarter of the price?

Have you picked up any of these polishes? Tempted?
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  1. Ooh yay you got the Sparkle Topcoat! It's really lovely :) That Coral Crush one looks gorgeous! xo

  2. I did! Its a bit of a bugger to remove but not as bad as glitter polishes. Oo it is :) I just did a mani with Sky High and I hate it haha xox

  3. I need more blues for my nails!

  4. I'd really recommend the Primark one you know! The Barry M is a bit streaky, and the Rimmel is more of a green :) x

  5. I think I prefer the Coralicious to Coral Crush, but they are all lovely shades of pink. Gonna be a bright summer!

    I had the Barry M turquoise colour on my toes, and no joke, it lasted from before CHRISTMAS to the other week (yeah, i know, naughty me for not re-doing my toes haha!) the primark one looks lovely and glossy hxx

  6. Me too. Not sure if Coral Crush will ever get warn, I'm not keen on it. *Adds to blog sale list*

    I used Coralicious on my toes the other day and it's very bright, almost verging on neon!

    Omg that is what I LOVE about Barry M - staying power!! I've been known to do the same haha.

    The Primark one is fab, I was seriously surprised at it! xx

  7. love the primark blue, may be tempted to get that one!

  8. It's surprisingly good quality! x