Friday, 2 April 2010

Review: About Face Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadows

Hi :)

I know this post has been a ridiculously long time coming. Sorry, I hadn't gotten around to testing all of the shadows out properly. If you want to know which ones I get, clickety click here. However, now I have, here's what I thought :)


What About Face Cosmetics sayRegardless of what your cosmetic style is, we are certain that our high-quality, versatile Powder Pigments will provide you with just enough options to finally make your cosmetic application the enjoying experience that it should be! Our Pigments are made from ONLY the purest base ingredients.  We don't add anything extra to "fluff" up our products or make our ingredients go further, so all you get is fabulous color pay-off.  Whether you are in the market for a sheer wash of color, or an astounding iridescent shade that appears to change color right before your eyes, rest assured that we have something for everybody.  From our most subtle neutrals to even our most dazzlng diamond liners, we never add chunky glitter, wouldn't ever think of adding Bismuth, and ever color pictured is completely safe for your eyes.  Even our most sensitive clients finally get the benefit of Powder Pigments without the irritants that other companies add. 

What I say: If you've checked out the website, you'll know that there's every colour under the sun available to purchase which is brilliant. I've used them again and again and they've not once irritated my eyes which is brilliant. I do have sensitive eyes anyway so this is definitely good news.


The left swatch of each pair is the shadow on bare skin, the right swatch of each pair is the shadow on top of a primer

What About Face Cosmetics say: From a versatility standpoint, Pigments are always a multi-purpose pleasure!  Sweep them over your eye-lids dry for a sheer effect, dampen your favorite brush for a bit more punch, or merely dust them over your favorite pressed eye shadows for an instant pick-me-up.  

What I say: I wasn't impressed with the colour pay-off without a primer, so I always use an eye base before applying these. When you use a base you get a fab pay off, except with the darker colours I've noticed. I am yet to try them foiled (applied wet). When I do, I'll edit this so do check back to see what I think :)

Price: $2.50 (£1.68)
Size: Unsure as no size listed on the product or website - at a guess 3-4 heaped teaspoons full
Available from: The She Space

Product: 8/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 9/10
Repurchase: If they're still in stock then yes!

Have you bought any About Face Cosmetics mineral shadows? What did you think?
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  1. These look really good! Sometimes I tend to stay away from loose shadow as it always ends up all over my face, though i'm losing out on all the amazing colours...think I may investigate these :) xxx

  2. They are :D You totally should investigate. I was worried about fall out too as I'd experienced it with other mineral shadows a couple of years back but I think it's all in the application. I get some product on my eye shadow brush, tap off excess to prevent fall out, then gently press onto my eye lid. I find if you sweep it, you get more fall out. I suppose the best way would be to do your eye make up first then do your foundation but I'm too set in my ways to do it like that lol! xox