Saturday, 17 April 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello dolls :)

Hasn't this week been lovely? I've really been in that Spring/Summer mood :) Got lots of things planned for summer so I can't wait!! Here's what I've been loving and loathing this week:

* Sunshine
* Online window shopping
* Finding bargain items on eBay
* Finding bargain make up ideas from other bloggers
* Being productive essay wise :)
* Planning things for summer - fit R.A.F. men, here we come ;P
* Getting on better than ever with my bestie <3

* That some people got their student loans on Monday and I've got to wait until the 26th :(
* Lecturers that conveniently aren't available even to respond to one simple teeny weeny email until the day of the essay submission deadline...
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