Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Review: Soap & Glory Hand Food

Hiya :)

I hope you're all enjoying the Easter weekend and haven't eaten too many Easter eggs ;P I'm slaving away over an essay :( Bad times! Anyway, enough about that, on to the review!


What Soap & Glory sayHand Food™ is a silky soft non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.

What I say: Finally, I think I've found my Holy Grail hand cream!!! Soap & Glory have done it again with another wonder product. Hand Food smells absolutely divine and really isn't greasy at all! Total win :D Staple item in my bag now!


What Soap & Glory sayMend a hand? Apply Hand Food™ Hand Cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands. Soft, smooth and hydrated hands. The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!

What I say: Recently my hands had been a bit dry and my normal moisturizer wasn't really helping matters at all. I picked up the mini Hand Food in Boots and started using it straight away. I noticed the results instantly. My hands were left soft and smooth and certainly didn't feel dry at all. I applied it regularly and now my hands are super soft :) It also smells DIVINE :D Everyone commented on how lush it smelt when I used it in the middle of a looooong lecture :) So yes, Soap & Glory, it is the most astonishing hand cream ever ;)

Price: £2.25 (The larger version is £4.50)
Size: 50ml (The larger version is 125ml)
Available from: Boots and boots.com

Product: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Repurchase: Definitely!!

Have you tried Hand Food? What did you think? If not, would you?
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  1. I love this, I keep a tube on my desk at work :) It really does smell amazing! XX

  2. Nice review!

    I love this stuff too. It's always on my work desk, just in case I need it :)

  3. I love the smell of this, it's the nicest smelling hand cream I've ever tried :) I've tried the other hand cream in the light blue packaging as well and that smells like daisys and is lovely too xxx

  4. Great review. I have never tried this myself but I'm now thinking about it thank to this! I really need a small tube to put in my bag when I go to the boys, I get terrible dry hands and The Body Shop one I'm using at home at the minute is just not cutting it.

    Will have a look next time 'm in town.

  5. Nicola - It's gorgeous, it's a permanent fixture on my desk too! xx

    Makeup Kitten - Hehe same! xx

    Becca - I agree with you :) Oo I'll have to try that one, thanks for the heads up :) xx

    Claire - I definitely recommend this :) xx

  6. I keep wanting to try this but really feel that I should finish my other hand creams first haha xx
    Great review

  7. Love it, but wish it had an SPF!


  8. Tanya - Hehe I'm always like that! This is the only one I've got which makes a change haha! Thanks xx

    Dreams That Glitter - Oo same! You should suggest it to Soap & Glory :) xox

  9. Hey,

    I got the large version in a H&G Christmas gift set. It is miracle cream! My hands feel instantly rehydrated, LOVE IT! hxx

  10. Heather - You lucky thing! As soon as my loan comes in I'm going to go to Boots and stock up :D My hands always feel like that too, it's briliant :D xox

  11. So do I, my hands are so unbelievably soft and silky now :) xox