Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Hiya :)

I bet you read the title and were thinking 'But I thought you said you were on a self imposed nail polish ban'. Well, yeah, I was. It lasted less than a week before I got sick of the sight of bare nails haha. So I decided to brighten them up a little bit with my version of a French manicure. Here's how it turned out:

Products used:
Rimmel Lycra Pro Wear Nail Polish in Oyster Pink
George @ Asda Nail Polish in White
Rimmel Lycra Pro Wear Nail Polish in Crystal Clear

The tips aren't perfect, but what can you expect from a gloopy white nail polish? Even if it is meant for manicures *sigh* Is there honestly any decent white polish out there? I've tried quite a few and been disappointed by all. I've tried Asda, Rimmel, Konad and Sally Hansen. They're all crap. Has anyone found a decent one?
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  1. The bourjois polish for white tips is really good and has a specially shaped brush x

  2. I'm still having trouble finding a perfect white for tips. So far I'm using Barry M and an Orly one that I got from college. Let me know if you find a the perfect one.

    Nice nails btw. x

  3. Thanks fudgesmoothies :) I'll try and track it down! x

    Claire - I shall do :) Thanks x