Friday, 16 April 2010


Hello m'dears :)

I'm being lazy lately with my nails. I just can't be bothered and have a total lack of inspiration :( Where's Leanne when I need her lol? I was going to opt for the simple French tip... I say simple, it took me FOREVER. *Mumbles about the absolutely USELESS, gloopy, streaky, totally awful white polish from George @ Asda...*

Anyway, after remembering a photo I had seen a while ago of a classic French manicure with a sparkly twist, I thought I'd attempt to recreate it. I totally failed, but this is what I came up with:

This is my left hand as the right hand was a bit of a fail. I do like what I did on the ring finger although it wasn't  the look I was really going for.

Products used
Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish in Oyster Pink (2 coats and for the centre of the flower)
George @ Asda White 'Manicure' polish (In your dreams, Asda!!!)
Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish in Crystal Clear
On the ring finger:
Rimmel Lycra Wear Nail Polish in Silver (sponged on over the top of Oyster Pink with a sponge eye shadow applicator)
Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish in Pop Rose (dotted on with a nail tool for the flower and dots)

I get paid next week, so providing I don't blow the entire lot on the cinema/Pizza Hut/Revolution next Tuesday I shall be purchasing lots of new nail polish, so hopefully I will have some more inspiration and more exciting NOTDs for you soon :)

In the mean time, if you guys have any suggestions for nail art, leave me a comment and I shall get round to trying them out probably after exams are over :)
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  1. Here I am! Haha :)
    I love this :D you did those French tips freehand? Bugger me, I suck at that :( xo

  2. Yay you're aliiiiive :) Yeah I did do them freehand lol took me foreverrrrr though :( I need to find a decent polish to use with that M19 plate cos I'm sure that'd save time! xox

  3. Oh my god, you have the steadiest hand ever! hxx

  4. Ha I try. Have you tried using the M19 plate for tips? I found it stupidly hard :( xx