Thursday, 15 April 2010

Review: The Body Shop Wild Cherry Shower Gel

Hi :)

I've finally gotten around to using this after buying it back in November. I say 'buying', I got it as my birthday gift with my Body Shop card. Heyho, onto the review!


Image Credit: The Body Shop

What The Body Shop sayA soap-free, non-drying cleansing gel with tantalising wild cherry.

What I say: Yep, I agree with most of that. But erm, tantalising? Ok, if you like the smell of Cherry WKD...


What The Body Shop sayLathers to leave your skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, soft and subtly scented.

What I say: Lathers? Right... if you say so. Yes it cleansed, yes it refreshed. SUBTLE hahaha. Subtle, you were not, my Cherry WKD smelling friend. Oh and my skin didn't smell like it after. Which, come to think of it, was a good thing. Who wants to smell like an alcopop? Oh and the flip top bugs me. Its not very easy to open, and I don't want to break my nails!!

Price: £6 - yes, I'm not joking.
Size: 250ml
Available from: The Body Shop stores nationwide, and online

Product: 5/10
Price: 0/10 - Seriously for 250ml?!
Packaging: 6/10
Overall: 4/10
Repurchase: Not on your nelly. Then again nothing will ever compare to Soap & Glory's Clean On Me ;P Seriously though, I can get 500ml of Clean On Me for £5. That's double the quantity for a lower price. And it's not full of half of the chemicals that are present in The Body Shop's shower gel. Taxi to Boots please?

Have you tried this particular shower gel from The Body Shop? What did you think? I'd like to add that I love the Strawberry version, but again, for the price and quantity, I'd not purchase it when I can get a much better deal elsewhere.
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  1. Alcopop scented doesn't sound too good! I have this but in almond and I really really like it - it smells delcious, I was given it as a present but I doubt I'd buy a £6 shower gel myself, it's just too much money. xxx

  2. I know, if I closed my eyes I could have imagined being in a bar or something. Bit of a fail on the scent front for me. I'm just a stingy student but there's no way I'd pay £6 for a shower gel. Not worth it I'm afraid xxx

  3. Body Shop products were so much more appealing to me when I was in my early teens, the overpowering scents that is, not the pricing... I do think that they're overpriced, and very chemically for a brand that I think of as "natural"... xx

  4. I agree! Remind me of being a kid, I used to collect their soaps :) Same, I was surprised to see how many chemicals there were in their products really xx