Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Today I should have revised. I went shopping instead :)

Hello there rose petals!!

I hope you're all well. Wasn't yesterday lovely? Ok, except for the Stokie winds - wtf? Twas a bit chilly up Hanley ;P (Sorry, none of you will get that reference unless you're from Stoke/have lived here for a bit!) Deary me, moving on!

I got paid yesterday, so thought before I started revision, I should go shopping. I nearly went to Birmingham but decided to go to Hanley instead as it was just up the road, and I was supposed to be going out tonight but that didn't happen. Anyway before I start moaning, here's my haul. Beware it's picture heavy!!


Before I start, I should mention that I had made a shopping list. A full page of A4. I kid you not. It comprised of 50 items. I only bought 11 things off of my list. And then 13 things that weren't on my list. Ha oh dear! I will point out that the shopping list was for everywhere, not just Boots haha - imagine the points I would have gained there!!

So here's what I actually bought in Boots:

I had looked at the make up as I'd had a lipstick in mind from Natural Collection. I found it and swatched it. A lovely colour. I dabbed a bit on my lips and found it had that horrible lipstick smell and taste. You know, reminiscent of the time you were a kid and tried on your Mum's lippie... yeah. Yuck. Needless to say it stayed on the shelf!

I did notice that the Barry M pastels seem to be a Boots exclusive. They only had three colours. They all looked vile in my opinion :(

I also noticed that this Boots (in Hanley if you're a local) stock some OPI polishes and Seche Vite! Just base coats/top coats/ridge fillers. Its the only Boots I've seen that stocks them. Is this the norm in bigger cities?

I will be popping back next week at some point, either this weekend or next, depending when my Student Loan deposits itself in my bank account. Thanks Labour for funding my make up habit. The only useful thing you've done for me ;P


This is where I'd planned to splash out because I knew I had my student discount. Not that it knocked much off the bill mind you =\

Here's what I got:

I wanted a few other bits but most of them were full price or I couldn't find them. I refused to pay full price, when I know I can get them from the make up lady at our SU for half the price when she's back after the vacation in 2 weeks time!

All of the Rimmel polishes were new shades apparently - I certainly hadn't seen them before! Here are the close ups of the polishes I bought:

Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat - finally tracked it down!

Barry M - Turquoise (295)

Coral Crush


Rose Libertine

Sky High - reminded me of China Glaze's Flyin' High...

Shocker - wait a minute... don't you think it looks like Nails Inc's China Town?!

Err yes?!

The flash highlights the difference - Nails Inc has a blue-ish duochrome effect. I'll swatch and report back on that one! Close enough dupe for me atm!

On to the interesting bit - most of these items were on offer! In fact I think most of the items were. I'll give you a quick break down:
Veet - HALF PRICE!!!
Wax strips - on offer at £3.97
L'Oreal Perfect Clean - down to £2.99 (all varieties)
Free GOSH Birchwood sticks when you buy any other item from the GOSH Accessories range (not the cosmetics range, sorry kids - on that note you can get a free eye shadow primer base with the purchase of any other GOSH primer. Handy, although they had none left...)
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish - £1 off the entire range - down to £2.49

I also noticed that it was 3 for 2 on Me, Me, Me cosmetics, Maybelline, and the Famous by Sue Moxley range. I think I vaguely remember seeing an offer on the Max Factor stand too. Also, Rimmel have another new mascara out, it was on offer. It's one of those where you twist the bottom for a higher impact effect. Avon tried this and discontinued it, so good luck Rimmel.


I spent aggggges in here. I mean ridiculously ages. *Mumbles about stupid, annoying customers*

Some things I did notice whilst I was in Primark was that there were a lot of floral leggings and tights around. I immediately thought of Laura (daisychain).

I had a good nosey around and tried lots on but came away with one item of clothing. Eurgh. Half the stuff I liked didn't suit me. Rubbish!! Here's what I did manage to get:

Check out that sexy shower cap ;)

I also got this batwing boyfriend cardi

The photo doesn't do this justice, it's gorgeous! £2.50!


*No flash* - looks the same. I liked the colour, didn't notice it was UV reacting haha! Only £1 so no high hopes but you never know!

These eyeliners were marked down to 50p each. For that price I couldn't say no.

I had a look at the pastel polishes and wasn't sure so I didn't bother getting them in the end. I did see some lovely lipglosses but they came in a box in a palette type form with a dodgy brush. So I left them.

I also saw that Primark have branched out into fake tan... oh dear...

When I finally got to the till there was a woman asking the cashier about a VAT refund as she was leaving the country and she expected to get one because she'd been told how to get one in Debenhams. I didn't even know you could get this. But seriously, in Primark where the prices are ridiculously low, you're not going to get much back love. Jog on. The cashier next to me laughed and said she'd get about 60p back. Hahaha.

New Look

The one shop where I had a list of items I wanted. I got a grand total of zero. They never have anything I want in that store. Fail. This however, is the one thing I did get:

A cream gypsy top with blue polka dots. I had to get it!

This was £12 but until May 20th (I think) it's 20% student discount so I got it for £9.60

Talking of student discount, there's currently 20% off in Dorothy Perkins too! I think they know it's Student Loan time haha!

Also, for those of us in the Greater Manchester region, there is a new loyalty card pilot scheme in action. I signed up then realised when I'd gotten back that it was for stores in the West Midlands, and when I go home, I live in the East Midlands... Ah well maybe it will roll out across the country soon. Who knows? Although you can use it online. You can earn 2 points per pound and once you get 300 points they start sending you vouchers. Cool beans. More details here:

Current stores participating:

You might want to click to see the bigger photo!

Current stores participating are: Aberystwyth, Altrincham, Ashton under Lyme, Bangor, Birchwood, Birkenhead, Buxton, Caernarvon, Chester, Chester Broughton Park, Colwyn Bay, Crewe, Denton Crownpoint, Ellesmere Port, Hanley Festival Park, Hanley, Holyhead, Leek, Llandudno, Macclesfield, Manchester, Mold Runcorn, Sale, Salford, Stockport, Stretford, Trafford, Wallasey, Warrington, Widnes, Winsford, Wrexham, Newcastle under Lyme, Newtown, Northwich, Oswestry, Rhyl.
Phew! That's it!

If I hear any more about this I'll let you know :)


My last and final stop was to pick up this after listening to it all weekend on Spotify:

Joshua Radin - Simple Times (£7.99)

HEAVEN. I urge you to listen/buy. It's soooo perfect for the current weather :D

Ok that's it. I'm done. If anyone wants swatches of anything I've bought (don't worry all nail polish swatches will be done this weekend so will be up next week) feel free to ask! I was on the hunt for some new lippies today. I didn't find any I wanted. I actually might go to Birmingham next weekend if the loan is in. Going to go visit MAC. That'll solve my lipstick hunting issues!
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  1. I scarily BOUGHT some Primark fake tan, though I've been too scared to try it out so far haha! :P

    Peacocks also have 20% student discount at the moment, and some other offer that's not advertised but that took at least £2 off my £9 total (I only went in for summer pj's) x

  2. woah, your pockets must be empty now =O i have that barry m polish, it's lovely with white konadicures on. some lovely summery things here, I'm uber jealous hxx

  3. Also, I hope manchester stock seche vite - they don't do it on the website :(

  4. Rachel - Oh gosh lol! I think I'd be scared to use it too haha. I'm sure it's a good product... let me know how you get on! I knew I'd seen student discount somewhere else lol x

    Heather - Haha I have about £20 left =\ Oopsie! Oo cool I'll have to try it out. Haven't used Konad in ages xx

  5. What a huge haul! Awesome! Love the batwing cardigan.

  6. Haha I know! Was nice to be able to go out and spend money though! Thanks xx