Monday, 25 October 2010

^ Beautiful Blushes*

Morning cherubs :)

Following on from my Luscious Lippies post, I thought I'd show you my blush collection. In the grand scheme of things, I have quite a modest collection but I'm always on the lookout to expand :)

Check out my grand total of 9 blushes. D'aww.

I seem to go for similar colours!

L-R: NYX Glow, NYX Rose Petal, NYX Taupe

L-R: Miss Sporty Ohh! Blushed in Peach, 17 Blush & Glow in Strawberry Swirl, Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Dolly Pink

L-R: Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Peach, Benefit Thrrrob, Benefit Coralista

I haven't swatched these as I think they have all been swatched at some point before in various posts, which you should be able to find via the labels on the left hand side of my blog if you so desire :)


As you can see, I seem to stick to light pinks and peach shades. If I were to expand my blush horizons, which direction would you point me in? Do you have some favourite blushes to recommend?

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  1. Ohh lovely collection! What do you think of the NYX creme blushes? Ive been wanting to get some :) xx

  2. I love throb, it's totally gorgeous. I haven't used it for a while, the lighter pinky colours have been my choice, but at the weekend I got it out & fell in love again :)
    I don't have many blushers/bronzers either & I stick to the same colours for sure.

  3. You should definitely try out some raspberry shades - just a touch looks so adorable in winter! :)

  4. Hannah - Thanks :) I really like the NYX creme blushes, they're beautifully pigmented and easier to use than I first thought :) xx

    Steph - Thrrrob is gorgeous! Glad I'm not the only one that sticks to the same shades xx

    Ellie - Oo raspberry eh? Do you have any brands to recommend? xx

  5. I need to get Thrrob it's so pretty I have Benefit's Dendelion and I love it! I Heart 17's Blush and Glows and Natural Collections blushers are actually very lovely too! xxx

  6. I haven't tried Dandelion, but I may have to :) I'll keep a look out for Natural Collection next time I'm in Boots xxx

  7. MUA shade 4 is my favourite of all time, and I really like ELF's Candid Coral too.

    Love the look of the NYX tea rose! xx

  8. I really like Barry M blushes! They are really pigmented and reasonably priced.

    Also like beauty UK blushes too, cheap and cheerful!

  9. Rachel - Oo thanks I'll take a look when I go into Superdrug. e.l.f. blushes are never in stock when I order but I'll try and get it when it's back xx

    Kat - I've not tried Barry M. It seems I'm missing out on some high street bargains! xx

  10. Id love to hear your review and verdict on the benefit boxed powders please when you can.

    Many thanks


    xoxo stay fabulous

  11. Both of the Benefit blushes have already been reviewed. You can find the posts via the labels on the left hand side of the blog :)

  12. Is that Miss Sporty blush any good? I will do anything on a budget :D
    Sylvie xx

  13. Yes :D It's perfectly peachy and warms my complexion up a treat! I think it cost me a couple of quid if that really :) xx