Saturday, 2 October 2010

Loving & Loathing

Hello crumpets :)

This week has been full of excitement and much merriment pour moi!!

* Getting an invite to Eyeko's birthday celebrations this evening!! I genuinely cannot wait to meet some of you lovely girls - I am beyond excited. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas!!
* Being able to go shopping
* Blagging student bargains in town even though I am no longer a student hehe
* Feeling better remarkably quickly

* My laptop dying on me
* Doing something I didn't want to do, but had no other option.
* The lack of anything nice in the high street stores this week

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  1. I so wish I were going to the Eyeko do.

  2. Aww sweets wish you were too!! xx

  3. I always get so sad by lack of choice in many many high street stores, until I get to Zara which always puts up my mood! :)

  4. Filipa - It can be a bit disheartening sometimes xx