Monday, 4 October 2010

Hair Limbo

Hello sugarpuffs :)

Now that Autumn/Winter is practically upon us, I feel the need to change my hair. But being as indecisive as I am, I can't decide what to do with it! Do I dye it? Cut it? Grow it? Decisions, decisions!

This is my current hair:
As you can see, it's currently highlighted. I want to go for a slightly more darker, sophisticated autumn/wintery look as I think highlights area bit too summer-y.

Current hair inspiration

I have hair envy at the moment. I want luscious long, dark, wavy locks. I think I might go darker and pray it grows. Any miracle solutions out there?

Well luckily, if you're having a hair dilemma, I have just the thing to help!
I wanted to let you know that currently have an amazing voucher offering an exclusive 20% off cuts and/or colours at TONI&GUY. Wow! You can find the voucher here.

Have you, or are you going to change your hair for Autumn/Winter? Let me know :)

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  1. I was just thinking of writing a similar post! I really want to update mine for winter! I've just had a lot chopped off! But I'm thinking of dying it darker too. I think a darker brown would look lovely on you xx

  2. I'm exactly the same I never really know what to do with my hair. I think you would really suit dark hair x

  3. I dye my hair, mainly to cover up the greys, but I've gone for a slightly darker shade at the moment, in preparation for the winter. I really want long, luscious curls as well - I've been growing my hair for 6 months now, and it doesn't seem to have grown at all! Love the inspirational photos! xx

  4. Olivia - I had mine cut shorter in summer. It's grown a bit, but as per usual, I'm regretting having it cut. I've bought some hair dye so I guess that's step one! Just need some Miracle Grow for hair ;) Thanks xx

    Zoe - Thank you xx

    TheBristolBeautyBlog - I think dark is definitely the way forward. I just need to find a magical hair potion to make it grow. Thanks xx

  5. i think you'd suit it dark for sure! and while you're at it do some more FOTDs please? you're goooorgeous and your eyebrows are to die for! xxx

  6. Thanks :) I think dark hair is definitely the way forward. Aww you're too nice, thank you Sophie! I'll have to experiment and get some more FOTDs up for you :) xxx

  7. I think you would look totally fab with chocolate brown hair!

  8. Ooo I bet your eyes would be so bright if you went darker! xx

  9. Aimee - Thanks xx

    Nicola - Oo maybe! xx

  10. Oddly enough, I am on the lookout for something to make my hair blonder, which I understand is totally bizarre at this time of year. But dark hair would really suit you, and I totally love Gemma Artertons hair xx

  11. Oo really? Have you considered going for ombre hair? Thanks :) I love Gemma Arterton's hair! xx