Friday, 1 October 2010

Tag: Four Things

I saw this tag on Laura's blog a while ago, and thought it was a fun thing to do, so here we go :)

4 Things Found In My Purse
♥ Shrapnel. By this, I mean coppers. Rubbish!
♥ A Post Office receipt
♥ Debit card
♥ Driving Licence


4 Things Found In My Bag
♥ Cosmetics - who doesn't want to look fabulous all the time?
♥ Handy wipes - always useful for the inevitable swatching sessions in Boots and Superdrug!
♥ My iPod Nano - for those long distance train trips where music helps the time fly by
♥ Kirby grips - for any weather induced hair disasters!


4 Favourite Things In My Room/House
♥ My bed. I love my sleep!
♥ The wallpaper in my bedroom
♥ My iDock
♥ My phone - Twitter is never far away from my nimble fingers muahahaha! 


4 Things I've Always Wanted To Do
♥ Work in a cupcake shop
♥ Go to Vegas
♥ Go on a spending spree in Harrods
♥ White water rafting - it looks like fun!

4 Things I Am Currently Into
♥ Deciding how I want my new bedroom to be decorated and furnished
♥ Baking
♥ Consolidating my make up collection
♥ Nude nail polish


4 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me
♥ I've never ever broken a bone in my body
♥ I will make any electronic scanner go off when I walk through it thanks to an operation I had when I was 3 to correct a valve in my heart. To make it work properly, I had a 'platinum umbrella' inserted to fix it.
♥ I've had my tweets read out on the news twice - who said social networking was pointless?
♥ I have no luck with technology whatsoever!


4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
♥ Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
♥ For The First Time by The Script
♥ California Gurls by Katy Perry
♥ Wonderful Life by Hurts 


I am supposed to tag, you guessed it - 4 bloggers - but I'm just going to say do this if you fancy it :)

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  1. Funny to read about you in this way :)
    I am a new follower!

    Maybe you can follow me back?

  2. Im gonna have to do this then let you know :)

  3. Tessa - Glad you enjoyed it! Aww thank you lovely, I'll go and check out your blog now xx

    Amelia - Cool, link me up when you're done! xx

  4. that's pretty cool about your tweets :) xx

  5. Sarah - Hehe it brightened my day up xx

    Laura - Aww glad you like them :) xx

  6. Cute little survey :) I really suggest going white water rafting. I've been three or four times, it's so much fun and such a thrill!

  7. Thanks :) I'll have to look at going some time, it sounds brilliant! xx

  8. I've never broken a bone either, and I too loooooove the Hurts song <3 Ooh, and working in a cupcake shop would be a dream! Though I'd be much fatter than I am lol xxx

  9. Hii
    I love your blog! I just did this tag, please check it out :)

    K xx

  10. Laura - Lucky aren't we? That Hurts song is lovely! Hehe no cupcakes for us ;) xxx

    MissKaty12 - Hey, thank you so much! I sure will xx