Friday, 15 October 2010

Wintery Wonders

Hello my darlings :)

I popped into Lincoln recently with the intention of picking up some new items for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Having seen nothing that really took my fancy, I turned my eye to make up and accessories!


I was incredibly disappointed with Primark. Considering we have TWO stores in Lincoln, you'd think I'd find something. But oh no. The main store was a mess, as per usual, and they seemed to have brought out last year's stock that they'd failed to sell. Great. Completely disheartened, I walked out. I decided to brave the smaller store in the shopping mall across the way, and finally found some cute accessories:

Pink knitted head band with bow detail - £1.50
I love this, it keeps my head and ears warm and toasty!

Pack of 4 lace and floral hair grips - £1
These are so cute I couldn't resist. They're crocodile clips so stay in my hair unlike kirby grips.

Cameo ring - £2.00
I've been after a cameo ring for ages - this was right up my street!

I'm definitely going to follow Zoe's advice and head to a larger Primark store at silly o'clock to get the bargains :D


I managed to blag myself 20% student discount in Superdrug using my university ID (even though I'm not a student any more but shhh) - which the sales assistant told me we can all do up until 31st October, when we'll need an NUS Extra card. I best hurry up and order my NUS Extra Graduate card!

MUA Eye Shadow - £1.00
NYC Translucent Loose Powder - £2.69
Johnsons Fragrance Free Make Up Wipes - £2.99 BOGOF. Win.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - £2.30
Schwarzkopf Palette Hair Dye in Chocolate - £2.49

China Glaze Vintage Vixens collection - £7.99 

Yours Clothing

A London T-shirt - £14.00

I bought this T-shirt because I thought it professed my love of London. I even wore it to the Eyeko event haha. How corny ;)


Military style black coat - £18. No, really.
 Such a bargain and it's so warm and cosy :D

Kingfisher blue cardi - £12.50

Asda triumphed where Primark failed.

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  1. I want that vintage vixens collection. Booo to no sallys around here.

    Also, my head is crying out for the knitted hairband!

  2. You can order online at :) The knitted hairband is a must :D xx

  3. Ooh, love your Primark accessories, especially the clips and ring. I do love getting there just as the doors are opening in the morning.
    I always forget about the student discount in Superdrug, thanks for reminding me.

  4. Thanks :) I'm planning on making a beeline for the doors at 9am next week! That's quite alright xx

  5. ooooh are you going dark kim?? xx

  6. Ooh lovely purchases! Particularly jealous of the china glaze polishes, you've reminded me how much I want them hehe xo

  7. I havent heard of a graduate NUS whats that all about??

  8. It's a Graduate NUS Extra Card that lasts for 2 years, costs £30 and doesn't give many of the same benefits we had before. Not worth it in my opinion xx

  9. Love that ring and the coat is a total bargain! x

  10. Thanks :) I know I couldn't believe it! xx

  11. I saw that coat in Asda today and was sooooo tempted to get it! Kind of regretting it now as it's so cheap!

    Loving the knitted headband too :) xx

  12. It's definitely a bargain! Saved me shelling out £80 for the one I liked in Wallis! Thanks xx

  13. oh, where is the Sally's in Lincoln?

  14. Just off Pelham Bridge. If you go to and go to Store Locator, put Lincoln in and it'll give you the postcode then just Google Map it. It's dead easy to find :) xx

  15. Ah right, think I will give it a miss then! :)