Thursday, 7 January 2010

Blog Award

Hello again!

Twice in one day aren't you lucky lol? Kirsty @ Paper Planes sent me this award, a huge thank you to her for that :)

* Thank the blogger who awarded you and link them
* Put the picture of the award in your blog
* Award 7 bloggers, link them and tell them
* Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself

The 7 Bloggers I'm Awarding:
Jennie @ Sailboat
Leanne @ DoNotRefreeze
HeavenNRJ @ Less Is More
Girl With The Golden Touch @ Girl With The Golden Touch

My 7 Interesting Facts:
1. I'm a Sagittarius
2. I love the smell of fresh linen
3. Tea is, for me, what coffee is to others
4. I have a bit of a crush on Jack Black
5. I've met Jimmy Carr
6. I watched my Dad almost fall off a mountain (Haha! But he didn't, thankfully)
7. I would like to drive a train to see what it's like (I blame my Dad for this one)

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  1. Thank you for awarding me! I'll do it once I figure out how to make those links... lol

  2. Aww thank you sweetie! I am very intrigued to hear more about number six!!!


  3. HeavenNRJ - good luck! xx

    Girl With The Golden Touch - we were in Austria on holiday a few years ago, up a mountain, and my Dad, being the clever sod he thinks he is, went too close to the edge with his camcorder and skidded down a particularly steep part. Luckily a rock stopped him from going over the edge! xx