Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I tweeted about this last night and I've only just gotten round to posting this due to cleaners/shopping/mild allergic reaction to brazil nuts. Anyway heyho, here we go!

Taken without a flash - correct representation of colours. Flash made it look unrealistic!

I used George Blue Lagoon, which happens to be my favourite polish of the moment, as the base colour. Then I decided to experiment with my Dollar Nail Art items. Out popped Royal Orchid glitter and silver rhinestones. Here's what I came up with:

How did I do it?
* Apply base coat and allow to thoroughly dry, i.e. no tackiness or this will not work
* Use a clear polish and bring the brush from the side of your nail, about 3-4mm down, diagonally up towards the centre of the tip so you have a triangle of clear polish. Repeat on the other side
* Sprinkle glitter over the parts with the wet, clear polish
* Blow gently to remove any excess. Do this on as many nails as you wish. Do one nail at a time though!
* To add the rhinestone, place a little bit of polish at the centre of the shape you've created but slightly below the glitter and then drop the rhinestone on. Allow to dry
* Apply a top coat but be careful not to drag the polish over the glitter too much to avoid transfer of glitter from your nail to the brush

It's not perfect. But with practice and all, maybe it will be. I hope so anyway, I bought 4 glitters from Dollar Nail Art!

Have you ever tried using glitter on your nails? How did you get on?
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  1. Thats so pretty!!!! Love it! I thought that polish was Indigo Dazzle at first. They dont have Blue Lagoon in my Asda, makes me wonder what other ones they dont stock :(


  2. Ooooh this is loooovely :D Blue Lagoon looks gorgeous, I want! I wish they sold the George polishes in my local Asda.

    And YAY for the glitter! I only tried using mine once but I had such trouble getting the excess off - I can only assume I hadn't let the base colour dry properly but this is totally inspired me to try it again :D

  3. Thank you :) Indigo Dazzle is a darker blue but just as gorgeous! I noticed that, it varies from Asda to Asda. One store near me at home stocks the whole range, yet the one in the next town doesn't stock any. Here at uni there is a limited range. Do you have an Asda Home Living store near you? I've been told they stock the full George range of cosmetics xxx

  4. Lovely job! It looks lots like the colour Im wearing this week which you can find a review of on my blog at the mo!

  5. I commented on all three of your new posts when you put them up o_O have they not shown up? Weird.

    But I LOVE THIS.

  6. daisymay - Thanks :) *heads on over toy our blog*

    Leanne - Oo I haven't had any emails telling me I have comments to approve. Oh haha just checked my dashboard and ta da there's one from you. I've just published them all so I think they've shown up now :) Thanks. Though it's chipped already lol. Rubbish. Excuse to do another design :D