Sunday, 31 January 2010



I wanted to show you all my new konadicure that I did last night :)

As you can see, bit of a fail on the little finger - oops!

What did I use?
Konad plate M2
Rimmel Pro Nail Polish in Oyster Pink as a base colour
Nails Inc China Town for the pink flowers
Konad special white polish for the white flowers

I cannot express how much I LOVE Oyster Pink. It's so pink, shimmery and sheer. Absolutely gorgeous. And don't even get me started about the brush in the bottle! The Pro range have a longer, wider brush, so one stroke of polish on your nails and *ta da* you're done! Love, love, love it! I'm definitely going to see what other colours Rimmel do in this range :)

Have you tried any polishes in the Pro range? Got any recommendations?
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  1. Yayayay for more Konad :D
    I wish I could wear sheer polishes but my nails are stained so yellow! Haha. I have the Rimmel LycraPro polish in Posh Trash, that's a nice one :)

  2. Mine are a bit pinky atm haha but you can't tell with this polish on. LOL nice classy name there :p What colour is that? xox