Tuesday, 12 January 2010

EOTDs and randomness!!

Hi ladies,

I have a couple of EOTDs for you again. The first one is essentially the same as the last one, just better photos haha. And the second one is the one I'm wearing today, inspired by Make Up Your Jangsara and my Saffron palette.

Oh. What's occuring?
Yes. I have finally started watching Gavin & Stacey from the beginning. I do not know why I didn't watch it when it was first on. I blooming well love it!! Only seen episodes 1 and 2 from series 1 as they're the only ones on iPlayer at the mo I think. Can't wait to watch the rest.

Did anyone watch Glee last night on E4? I heard Fearne Cotton mention it on Radio 1 yesterday and it sounded good so I thought I'd watch it. I won't go as far as saying I loved it. I thought it was good. Anything song and dance-y is good in my book though haha :) Did anybody else see it? What did you think to it?

Aha I have to show you this impromptu cheesecake that I sort of devised last night to use up some bits and bobs in my kitchen:

This is probably going to sound a bit strange, but it worked, honestly. I used ginger biscuits for the base. Obviously crushed and mixed with melted butter and left to set. I also had some pineapple soft cheese to be used so I whacked some of that on top. As for the chocolate... here's a lesson for you ladies - never, ever, ever buy Asda's version of Terry's Chocolate Orange. They went overboard with the orange oil in it and it tastes vile. So I melted it down and attempted to drizzle over the top. It kinda ended up a mess. But it did taste nice. However the giant lump of chocolate went in the bin. A bit overpowering. I used some of the melted chocolate by stirring into my hot chocolate. Now that did taste good :)

Enough of my ramblings, there's a nail post to write!
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