Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mini haul & freebie/sale alerts

Hi again :)

I popped into town today because I'd ran out of foundation and lip balm, and my eyeliner and clear nail polish stocks were running low. I viewed these as exceptions to the 'project use everything up' rule. I don't have other foundations or eyeliners lying around so had no choice really lol. Then I stopped by Wilkinsons and Poundland and sort of broke my rule in there haha.

Here's what I got:

First stop: Superdrug
I debated going to Boots and getting my Boots points then I realised I could use my student discount in Superdrug on top of the 3 for 2 offer. However, having gone into Superdrug, the 3 for 2 offer had gone! Rubbish! Has this happened in other Superdrugs?

I picked up Max Factor's Miracle Touch Foundation. When you buy a foundation from Max Factor, you get a free Master Touch Concealer. This offer is also on in Boots! There's only a 4p difference in price too. £11.99 in Boots, £11.95 in Superdrug. The concealer is worth £6.99! Nice.

I also got another Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Noir, and a Barry M 3-in-1 base, top-coat and nail hardener. That little lot came to just almost £21. With student discount it came to just under £19.

Superdrug offers:
* While I was browsing, I did notice, shoved in a darkened corner, some Eyeko products. Every Eyeko product was down to £1. I saw a product I wanted but it was all manky and had obviously been used. And besides that would have broken my 'project use it all up' rule haha.

* Also they had a really lame GOSH clearance sale. There were about 4 item categories slashed to half price - 2 nail polish colours, lipglosses, 3 different types of mascara and some dodgy looking mousse foundation. I looked at the tester and it was all crumbly. Whether the product was slashed down to £4.41 or not, I wasn't going to risk it. And besides I didn't want to buy any GOSH items as I have some on the way anyway. More on that in a later post.

Onwards and erm upwards to Wilkinsons
The only place that I seem to be able to find my HG lip balm - Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lip Balm with Vitamin E and SPF15. Enough goodness for you lol?

Then I stopped by Poundland
I don't really know why I went in. Oh yes I do... Leanne told me about an amazing nail art kit for £1. All I could find was some tacky looking false nails. No thanks.

However I did decide to get some false lashes. They were £1 and to start out with, why the devil not? I think they're gorgeous! I think I'll save them for a special occasion :) I might be going to a cocktail party in a couple of weeks so I shall try them then.

A few weeks back, I saw that somebody (apologies, I forgot who) had blogged about Poundland's Rescue Oil. Essentially a very cheap version of Bio-Oil. Compare £1 with £9 and there's no competition. I've got a scar from a burn on my left wrist and a scar on my right cheek that I want to minimize. I don't know if it'll work but I'll try it and let you know.

Poundland bargains:
* I did see some Revlon, L'Oreal and Rimmel products for £1 including lipsticks, lipglosses, eye shadows, and nail polishes. I don't think they're current stock and they weren't in the standard packaging, just a bag that said "famous brand products", which suggests its perhaps excess old stock

Ok, so don't shout at me for buying things when I said I wouldn't lol. In my defence, they were products I needed. Except for the false lashes haha. Have you found any bargains lately?


  1. Yeah the 3 for 2 in my superdrug is gone too! I had a whole list of things to get there as it would be cheaper than boots but it was gone!!! SUCKS!!! :(

  2. I really like those lashes! Oh and can you do a post on the rescue oil after you've used it a while? :) xoxo

  3. DAWW you thought about me while you were out shopping *teary eyes* hahaha. Really though, sucks you couldn't find it :( and haha I got some of those false lashes too believe it or not. They're not brilliant, the lash band is a bit stiff but what do you expect for £1? :D

  4. I don't even try to restrain myself, it never happens so I have given up these days! Gotta love poundland, although there are usually some very dodgy ppl in there!

  5. Amazing deal with the free concealer! xo

  6. Oh no :( I saw it was 3 for 2 on L'Oreal but I hate their products, and they're quite expensive really. I had a list too. Rubbish!

    Yeah it was a good deal - just hope it's the right shade lol xx

  7. Hmm there seems to have been a problem with comment moderation :S Sorry ladies I'm not ignoring you!

    Carrsky - yes I will do a post on the Rescue Oil at some point :)

    Leanne - Haha :p Ah right. Well I thought I'd spend £1 rather than £5 or £6 and mess it up lol

    Sarah - Good for bargains I guess lol.