Friday, 15 January 2010

Leopard Print Mani!

Last night, I got talking about leopard print (yes, I'm still obsessed with it lol!) nails. And, so here we are. Another leopard print mani:

GOSH Wild Lilac

*no flash*
Nails Inc Walton Street

Products used:
* Nails Inc Underground
* GOSH Wild Lilac
* Nails Inc Walton Street
* Nails Inc London Nights
* Barry M 3-in-1 basecoat/topcoat/nail hardener

Who needs Konad eh lol?

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P.S. I have the coolest thing to show you in my next post :D


  1. Love the paint job I could never do that without making a huge mess of it!!

    See my giveaway today!

  2. Yes yes yes LOVE IT. :D
    ...I am a devoted Konad-er, but I actually think this looks better than the leopard print Konad plate. Srsly.

  3. daisymay - I bet you could :) I challenge thee! *heads over to your blog*

    Leanne - Haha awesome :D xx