Saturday, 9 January 2010


Hiya :)

My stars started falling off of my nails yesterday so I decided at some point after midnight to avoid revision and do my nails again lol. I wanted something quick and easy so decided to try out one of new Nails Inc polishes.

I went for the mini version of China Town

*no flash*
China Town is a gorgeous hot pink with some pink-purple iridescence to it. I think it sort of shows up in the photo taken with the flash. Ordinarily, I wouldn't wear such a colour but the iridescence makes it look a little more sophisticated. It reminds me of Barbie pink. Ah, those were the days...

I used two coats for each nail to achieve opacity. I finished my nails around half one this morning. It's 11am now and I have a little tip wear. I haven't even done anything! Bad times. Then again I didn't use a topcoat because I really couldn't be bothered so it probably is my own fault haha.

What do you think? Have you used China Town? Thinking of adding it to your collection? Found any more lush Nails Inc colours?

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  1. I just realized, I think I have only one pink polish. WTF? This one is cute, I really like the hot pinks.

  2. Only one lol? I have quite a few but I rarely use them lol. I have 8 at uni and I think some at home. I was quite surprised that I liked China Town but it's just gorgeous :D

  3. Hehe :) Check eBay - I always get bargains on there for Nails Inc xx

  4. I love this - I think I might have it. I didn't know you could buy mini versions? Or was it in a set? xxx

  5. Nails Inc always send you a mini bottle of something when you order I think :) xx

  6. I have a couple of hot pink polishes, but can't remember wearing them. :) Too brave for me! lol

    Btw, if you want to order some Konad from OCNailArt (30% discount with code "GETCHA", free shipping worldwide on orders more than 20 USD after discount is applied), hurry up! Because free shipping will be on orders over 40 USD (for orders less than 40 USD it will be 10 USD) starting on 16.1! Thankfully I found Leanne's post today and placed my first order! Just letting you know! I remember you mentioned that you also want to try Konad (under my New Year's Resolution post). :)

  7. I thought I'd never wear this to be honest, but I absolutely love it :D

    Leanne told me about this last night, but I spent my money today lol. Oops. I'll just do a big haul when I get some more money :D There's loads of stuff I want from there anyway :D xx