Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My First Konadicure

Hey everyone :)

I promised this would be up earlier today, but my laptop had other ideas. Better late than never, I give you my very first Konadicure :)

But I'm going to make you wait a little while :p I thought I'd show you the kit that I bought on Amazon. I'm sure most of you have probably heard of Radiant Babe. They were selling Konad kits via Amazon. When I went to the checkout it let me use my Amazon gift certificate balance so instead of costing me £11.95, it cost me £0.49. Yes 49 little pence. Amazing!

Here is the aforementioned kit:

Image Credit: Google Images

It contains plate M2, a stamper and scraper, and one special Konad white polish. It also has a little instruction sheet. Handy :)

I think there was another kit at £15.99 with 3 polishes in, but I didn't like the colours so I went with this kit.

Ok, on to the Konadicure!

I used Avon Nailwear Pro in Wicked as my base colour:

Isn't that a gorgeous colour? It's a really deep reddish brown-black shade. Reminds me of a really rich, dark red wine. Not that I'm an expert in red wine, I hate the stuff. I digress...
Image Credit: Google Images

If you look at the top of the plate, I used the pattern to the left of it. I decided on using GOSH Holographic. WOW. Just WOW. What a pairing!
Even with a topcoat, there's some spectacular holo-ness going on.

Considering I'd heard how hard Konad was to get to grips with, I found it ridiculously easy. Although saying that, on a couple of nails the print is a little oddly placed, but for a first attempt, I thought it was pretty darn good :D

I aim to expand my plate collection so I'll let you know how I get on with larger designs and different prints.

That's a huge thumbs up to Konad from me :D I have officially dipped my toes (or fingers I guess lol) into the Konad pool. And I like it :)

Have you tried Konad? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below :) I might do a blog post photo tutorial because I know a few of you have said you wouldn't know where to start with Konad-ing. What do you think?
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  1. Yayy! They look so pretty ♥ xo

  2. Well done!! I wish I could do nails!! x

  3. Yayayayy! *Spazz out*
    So glad you're finally in the club *hands you a badge* That's gotta be the best first attempt I've ever seen!
    And now I'm totally lemming that Avon polish. Phwoar!
    I've never tried Konading with GOSH holo before, I always just use ChG OMG out of habit... but that looks even sexier. I'll have to try it!

  4. Jennie - Thank you :) xx

    Pyxiee - Thanks! If I can do it, you can do it. You should give it a go :D xx

    Leanne - Aha WOO a badge!! *wears with pride* :D Thanks! I was so surprised, I thought I was going to balls it up! Yes, yes, yes, try GOSH :) It has a use at last!! xx

  5. Wow this looks gorgeous hun - both colours work amazingly together!
    I have tried to find the gosh holo everywhere but it always seems to be sold out!

  6. Thanks :) Oh really? That's funny cos a lot of people said the same but I've seen it in a few stores. Don't get it off eBay though people are selling it for £20 claiming that it's "rare". xox

  7. Gorgeous shade! Cool combo! :) I got my parcel from OC Nails. Yay! Now I have to buy a nail polish remover because I have just a few drops left! Can't wait to play with all these beauties! :) Hopefully, it won't be difficult to use Konad for me aka beginner. lol You say it was quite easy, and I believe you. :)

  8. Thanks :) Oo how exciting! What did you order? If you start off with a simple design like I did you should be fine. I think maybe the larger prints may be a little harder to work with. But practice makes perfect :D x

  9. I got a Konad set for christmas, this has inspired me to use it (or get my beautician friend to use it on me!) and I am so looking for that Gosh Halo now!!

  10. Oo awesome :D Welcome to the Konad club! I found mine in a Superdrug in my nearest city. It wasn't stocked in my town so if you live in/near a city you should find it no problem :) x

  11. Haul post is coming soon (pics are ready at least)! :)

  12. this is so going on my wishlist.

  13. Awesome. You did great.
    I love Konading. I started in December and have had a blast. Can't wait to see more from you,

  14. Aww thanks :) Oo cool! How have you found it so far? x

  15. I did a lot of research and found tips and tricks. I've only had a few FAILS. :)
    Check out these videos and tutorials:
    Here are some websites with tips on Konad:
    and again here is the list of polishes that has been reported as working with Konad:
    Konad you tubers:
    I love this one too:
    Here too:

  16. I love Leanne's blog :D She's often the inspiration for my nail designs :)

    I came across emeraldsparkled today - what a fab blog! And I subscribe to julieg713 on YouTube.

    Thanks for the other links :D