Friday, 8 January 2010


Hey ladies

I've finally gotten around to posting my nails for this week. Now I'm settled back at uni (boo!) and I've dug my camera out, here we are! The snow did not defeat us... *mumbles something about rubbish snow*

On Monday I decided I wanted to do something quick and easy as I'd lost all inspiration and didn't want to spend too much time on my nails. I was looking through my polishes umming and ahhing as to which I should use. I eventually went for my uber fave polish - GOSH's Metallic Purple. I cannot tell you enough how much you need this polish in your life :) In fact, I order you all to go down to Superdrug and buy this immediately :p

Also, I decided I wanted to try out some of my Dollar Nail Art stuff. Here's what I came up with:

*with flash*
*without flash*

I used:
GOSH Metallic Purple & DNA Hollow Stars in Pink

Now I don't know if there's a specific way to apply these stars? Anywho, I did it like this:

* Apply one coat of GOSH Metallic Purple
* Apply one coat of top coat to one nail and drop some stars on to it
* Repeat for all other nails
* Once dry, apply a second coat of top coat

And ta-da, you're done. Now you do end up with like a 3D effect as your nails will not be smooth. A friend told me it took 8 coats of top coat to achieve this. No thanks. The stars have pretty good staying power. I've only lost 3 this week and that's because they were too close to the tips.

I want to do a mani using my glitters from Dollar Nail Art, but I need to venture into town to buy those triangular foundation sponges apparently. Does anyone have any idea how to apply glitter to nails? Do I need adhesive or anything? As I have two exams to revise for, and the conditions on the paths and roads are less than ideal, and it's -14 degrees celsius, I don't plan on leaving campus for the foreseeable future. Stranded haha. Anyway I have a revision session planned for tomorrow so I best leave you with this. Au revoir darlings :)

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  1. Ooo I really like your nails like this!! xx

  2. Thank you :) I couldn't stop looking at them because the stars are sort of holographic. But the holo bit peels off haha. Fail. xx

  3. Yaaay! I love this :D I haven't touched my DNA stuff yet, whoops.. haha. I LOVEEE the look of that polish.. can't believe I've never noticed it before. WANT!

  4. Those look lovely.
    I don't know if this would work for the glitter but I'm sure I have seen it somewhere.
    - Apply base polish
    - Apply top coat to the areas where you want glitter
    - Sprinkle the glitter on
    - Tap off excess glitter
    - Apply top coat over the whole nail being careful not to drag the brush too much.
    - Possibly apply a 2nd coat of top coat depending on how it feels to you.

    Hope that helps :) xxx

  5. I shall be at superdrug buying that polish tomorrow, your blog is bad for my wallet!

  6. Leanne - you surprise me lol! xx

    Tanya - thanks for the tips, I'll give them a whirl! xx

    daisychain - Hehe sorry :p xx