Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dollar Nail Art Haul

I was uber excited when my parcel from Leanne arrived today! A couple of weeks ago, we made a late night order to Dollar Nail Art. They have some fab stuff on their website and everything is $1 each! That's roughly 60p per item, regardless of what you order. Their website isn't the flashiest of sites, but who cares when the stuff is this cheap?

They impose a minimum order of $25 and any order under $49.99 has a shipping charge to the UK of $10.40. Unless you want to spend $25 alone, I suggest you do what we did and club together :) The website advised Leanne that our order would be with us within 3 weeks. We ordered on the 2nd and it was here on the 11th! I think right now, that beats Royal Mail hands down!

On to the important stuff - what did I get? Well, my order consisted of:

* Flat Hollow Stars: Pink & Purple
* Flat Hollow Hearts: Pink
* Butterfly Babies: Red & White Pearl
* Pastel Glitter: Blue Pearl & Mint Pearl
* Iridescent Glitter: Fairy Plum
* Micro Glitter: Ebony & Royal Orchid
* Faceted Studs: Ruby Red & Silver
* 1/64x648" Striping Tape: Black & Silver

I opened my jiffy bag to find my DNA order, a lovely note from Leanne and she'd also included a wheel thingy so I can store my bits and bobs in it, and L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer. I've been wanting to try this for ages and now I can. Thank you Leanne!

My DNA haul from Leanne plus China Glaze Sexy In The City that I ordered off eBay (top left)

Prepare yourself for heaps of pictures!!

Hollow Hearts & Stars
Butterfly Babies & Hollow Stars
Butterfly Babies & Glitter!!
Faceted Studs

Striping Tape
Micro Glitter
Royal Orchid Closeup
Ebony Closeup
Blue Pearl Closeup
Mint Pearl Closeup
Fairy Plum Closeup - this is GORGEOUS!!

And finally...
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer, a gift from Leanne :)
Considering this is £12+ on the high street, this looks like a tiny jar, however there does seem to be a LOT of product in there, and it spreads pretty easily so I hope this lasts a while :)

It's a light pink shade, appears to be a mousse like formula and fragrance free :)

I don't know if you can see the matte spot on my hand? That's where the primer is :)

China Glaze Sexy In The City
Shade label
The eBay image I'd relied on...
Disappointed with this. I bought it because I thought it was a bright opaque blue. It's actually a dark blue-green shimmery polish and it looks the same as Nails Inc Hanover Street. This is what a camera flash does to this colour! I think the motto here is - do your homework before buying nail polish on eBay, especially when the seller can't be bothered to give a description of the polish!

I haven't used any of the Dollar Nail Art stuff yet, but I will get round to it soon I hope! I actually can't wait to start using some of these beauties!! Well, when I figure out how to apply half of it haha! If you've got any hints or tips, they'd be gratefully received :)

Has anybody else ever ordered from Dollar Nail Art? Or found another nail art store?

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. I swear by that primer, I use it daily and a jar lasts me about 5 months.