Sunday, 6 December 2009

FOTD x 2

I have no idea how it suddenly got this late. (It's 3:32 am). Wait, yes I do. It was the noisy idiots outside my block that meant I couldn't go to sleep, so I watched 3 programmes in a row until the noise subsided and here we are... *grumble grumble*

Anyway, as is customary on a Saturday, I had a lie-in... aka didn't set my alarm so I woke up late and didn't have to do as much work. *Ahem*

I really couldn't be bothered with make up today but in the end I just went for something quick and easy so I didn't look all pasty (and generally a mess) and didn't scare the rest of my corridor when I inevitably bumped into them all in the kitchen.

Oh and I forgot to post this yesterday, but I used the Saint or Sinner palette from Primark on Friday and used 'Blossom' on my eyelids:

I was quite surprised at the colour payoff really. And it lasted all day over my GOSH e/s base. Win.

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. Gorgeous look hun, i also love your eyebrows! Such a nice shape! :)


  2. Thanks :) Been experimenting with a stencil kit from ELF xox