Monday, 7 December 2009

Build me up buttercup!

Ok that was lame haha. I got a surprise this evening when my next door neighbour in my halls of residence at uni came a-knocking and brought me the gift of a cupcake as an apology for leaving his alarm clock set to go off at 1 am (whyyyy? I have no idea!) while he was away in London. Bless him!

It was purchased at the Buttercup Cake Shop at the London Westfields Shopping Centre.

They specialise in cup cakes. On their website they say:
"Visually a cupcake is larger than a fairy cake, but the big difference is in the taste! Buttercup cupcakes are made to American recipes; they are moist and usually topped with generous helpings of buttercream or cream cheese “frosting”, not hard sugar icing. And please don’t even say that “marzip--” word!"

The packaging

Top view

The cake

Judging by the colour of the sponge and the descriptions on the website, I think this was a 'Red Velvet' cupcake.

It is described as:
"Cake in a combination of vanilla and chocolate with red colour, topped with vanilla cream cheese buttercream"

See the red colour of the sponge?

My verdict:
Tasty, moist, fresh, visually appealing. This was a tad on the sweet side for me personally though.

I've looked at their other cupcake flavours and they do sound extremely scrumptious. However, I'll be waiting for a long time to try another one as the company are located in Central London and at the Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Has anybody else tried the delights of the Buttercup Cake Shop?

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. awh how sweet he went and got you this! =) It looks so yummy. I always try to make my own but they never turn out like this!! x

  2. It was yummy but the frosting was very sweet. Ha I know same, what's the deal with that? They must have magic fairy dust to make special cupcakes! x