Friday, 18 December 2009

Let It Snow

*Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow*

The big news here in the UK this week is that we finally have snow!! But the million dollar question is - will it snow on Christmas Day? The woman from the Met Office on Radio 1 this week said it's worth betting £1 at the bookies. I'm guessing no high odds then. But we can hope!

I thought I'd share with you some snowy snaps of my back garden today!

Please ignore the giant, pointless FreeSat dish!

Yes, this was all we got in rural Lincolnshire. Not quite enough to go and make snowmen. Because law essays can wait, right?

I also wanted to say, while I'm here, a huge THANK YOU!!! to all of my new followers! I've gone from 5 to 17 in the space of about a fortnight! If you've got a blog, I've started following you guys too. And if you wanted to catch me on Twitter, click the link to the right hand side, drop me an @reply so I not you're not another spammer and I'll follow you back :)

Until next time,
Dottie xx


  1. We've got so much snow here! I would like to enjoy it as much as I used to enjoy this beauty before! But! Because someone didn't change winter tires (cause he "didn't have time for that"), we have to use public transport... meaning, I said goodbye to "normal" (once a week) shopping, and he said goodbye to snowboarding (in the very near future)! Oh well, at least I don't have to struggle with snowboard! lol

  2. Hehe oh dear! I bet snowboarding would be fun! Saying that, I can barely ski so maybe not lol. We've had quite a bit of snow overnight, I'll add new photos later :)

  3. We had the tiniest amount of snow on wednesday - not a lot more than you but I woke up this morning and it had snowed! Admittedly about 2mm deep, but its the second time this week :)

  4. Apparently we're in for some more snow tonight, so fingers crossed :)