Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Birthday Shenanigans

A week ago today, I turned the grand old age of 21. Eeeeek. Hmm anyway, two days before (because uni is lame and I had to be there rather than home on my actual birthday), I went out for a meal with close family and my best friend, Ruth.

I got some rather lovely pressies (let's not count the embarrassing photos of me as a kid that one of my uncle's dug out from his horrendous archive) and a rather fabulous cake that my Mum's amazing cake-making expert friend made for me:

Yes, there was a giant exploding candle on it that was a) rather embarrassing, and b) made our table smell like a Chemistry lab. Mmm... But also yummy edible flowers. Om nom nom!

Oo and let's not forget the giant 21st balloon. Methinks I don't have a picture of it, but it was quite a success in that it was the only thing that managed to stop my 8 month old baby cousin from screaming the place down. It was pink with a huge silver mirrored '21' on it and he loved the fact that he could see himself in it. (I spy a vain child). At least it stopped him from attempting to steal/eat my pearl necklace...

See? He was absolutely fascinated by it!

Well, that was before he decided to attack my Dad (something he attempted on anyone who held him!)
HAHA!! He was proper chuffed with himself!! Cheeky chappy.

Overall, I had a fab time, it was great to see everyone. Ohhhh and did I mention my amazing sister bought me tickets to go and see Billy Connoly in London in January!?! BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that guy!!! I've wanted to see him live since forever, and now it's finally happening!

Until next time,
Dottie xx

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